TG Takumi's Tunes NEW Ford Foyt #14 Gilmore Coyote 1977


Lotus E21 - Spa New - updated spa tune currently 2nd on Spa.

Lotus E21 - Catalunya - Updated Catalunya tune currently 3rd but could take first.

Honda #9 Dallara DW12 - X999 Oval - Currently 7th on the oval.


Mazda 787B - P998 Spa - Good around most tracks.

Ferrari F333 - P998 Lobby car - Good around most tracks.

Audi #2 R8 2006 - P998 Lobby car - Currently 31st on Road America.

Ford Foyt #14 Gilmore Coyote 1977 - P990 Long beach - Tuned for Long beach


Aston #007 DBR9 - R900 Spa - Good lobby car.

Nissan GT-R Black Edition - R900 Le Mans - Works on old Le Mans

Koenigsegg Agera - R900 Old Le Mans - Works on old Le Mans

Saleen S7 - R900 Sebring - Still 7th on Sebring full.

Saleen S7 - R900 Old Le Man - still top ten on both Le Man tracks.

BMW #92 M3 GT2 - R900 Spa - Good lobby car.

Viper #91 GTS-R - R900 Spa - Good lobby car.

Pagani Zonda Cinque - R900 Spa - Good lobby car.

Chevrolet #4 Corvette - R900 Spa - Good lobby car.

Ferrari #62 F458 - R900 Spa - Good lobby car.

Mclaren M23 - R900 Spa - Good lobby car

Ferrari #1 312 T2 - R900 Catalunya - Good lobby car

Radical SR8 - R900 Spa - Good lobby car

#66 Chaparral 2E - R900 Silverstone - very good lobby car, USE TCS


Dodge Viper SRT10 - S800 Grip Build - Good lobby car.

Holden #1 Commodore VE - S800 Lobby car - Built and tuned for top speed, tuned around Bathurst.


Ford GT - A700 Grip - Good grip tune.

Lexus LFA - A700 Grip - Good lobby car.

Shelby Cobra 427 S/C - A700 Lobby car - Good lobby car.

Ferrari F50 - A700 Spa - Works on most tracks, still top 20 on Spa.

Mercedes SLS AMG - A700 Lobby car - very good car for NO tcs


Chevrolet Nova SS 1966 - B600 Lobby car - Best sounding car in the game, I use this all the time when I race B-class. You must try this if you have DLC.

Chevrolet Impala SS - B600 Lobby car - Another good sounding car.

Ford Mustang GT Coupe - B600 Lobby car - Good lobby car

Renault Clio V6 - B600 lobby car - Good lobby car.

Ferrari 250 GTO - B600 Spa Speed - Good for Grip tracks.

Subaru BRZ - B600 Spa - Good lobby car.

Mazda RX-7 GSL-SE 1985 - B600 lobby - Good lobby car.


Toyota Trueno - C500 GRIP - Good lobby car.

Honda civic Type R 1997 - C500 Grip - Good lobby car.

Honda civic Type R 2007 - C500 Grip - Good lobby car.


Wow thanks for sharing more B class muscle :slight_smile:

What do you suggest for road Atlanta short course? (Lotus f1).
Sort of an odd combination of uphill straight line acceleration coupled with fast turn in needed at the end.
I have been using tachyons alps tune to good effect but Unsure what other tunes might be good.

not sure maybe catalunya tune.

I use a few of your tunes already…

I just wanted to tell you thanks for sharing them…

Here’s a bit footage of me tuning the Radical

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I like your tunes, very versatile and since I recently got the car pass I will download your tune for the radical as soon as possible. Thanks!

Thanks man

Thanks for these, its much appreciated! I really like the f50 a class tune. Shaved a few seconds off my best time. Also using your xtm a class tune.

Your Long Beach tune for #9 DW12 has become my favorite all purpose tune of mine. I’ve run it on almost every full track in FM5. While I’m a bit slower than you in it at Longabeach (2secs off in the low 110s.)

You should definitely try it out at Bathurst. Your 5th gear is almost prefect running up mountain straight and doing 170mph on the top of the mountain (I rev limit 4th) because you are about head down the mountain.

It’s phenomenal unexpected track to run on.

Love it. The way it rotates off of turns, is awesome. Not sure how you make them do this but, i really had fun in this on the 2h lobby, late apexing the hairpin and going side by side down front straight round turn 1 and then getting advantage as they shift. Awesome, just awesome racing with it.

Can you share a tune in it with normal rims so I can take it into the career races?