Testing the limit - Acccolade buggy?

As most of us know, there is an accolade at multiplayer to reach 250 mph (403 km/h) in an horizon open race. I did that yesterday and today in a Koenigsegg Agera RS in a Street Race Tournament, yesterday I hit 408 km/h and today at the track with the long highway passage at the end I got 425 km/h.

But the accolade did not register. First yesterday I thought it was because I could not finish the race at all, but today I was placed second. But still no registration.

Any one else come across the problem? My Koenigsegg was S2 997… At least it was today the third race, yesterday I tried for round about three hours in horizon open S2 street race to hit the speed target without success…

EDIT : Sorry. Misread your issue. No help here either after all, completed for me so looks like you have a bug to report. Sympathies.

I doubt its required to finish the race.

“testing the limit” is not listed in the known issues list, you maybe should write a supportticket

I did this accolade whilst waiting for the event to start driving down the motorway. Didn’t actually do it in a race.


Likewise, and a couple others. I’m sure I must have done it in an S1 too, if that helps, so you’re not waiting so long for an S2 race to come up.

As I did in horizon open and not in the horizon tour, it didn’t take long as I just choose individual race, maybe that is the problem?

And the glitch where you can do the accolade while waiting for the race or the loading screen was patched out of the game. It didn’t work anymore…

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sigh… Of course they would prioritize fixing that. It was totally ruining the game. :roll_eyes:


im having the exact same issue, i just hit 257 in my jesko - not trying to win just tick it off, but nothing, doesn’t seem to work in custom mode, so im going to have to try in open…long!!!

and the doing it whilst waiting in lobby doesnt seem to work either anymore

not true that it was patched out, that’s exactly how I did it yesterday or the day before

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