Test drive tunes

I have created a race team and would like to have the tunes tested
( my first attempt at circuit tunes )
They should be ready to send out Friday night, the first one is the ford
stock car tuned for the Indy brickyard, the second is the ford van tuned
for the Indy grandprix. I will send the tunes to the FIRST FIVE request of each
tune make sure to send an FR so I can get them to you. I want honest feed back
please if I have garbage or a working tune, After the testing period ( one week )
from Saturday I will put the team in AH I will post pics before doing so. Thanks

Nobody interested ???

Yea i am always ready to try tunes and help anyone out…

Tunes sent.

wont be back around xbox till next week but i will test the tunes and give feedback if you send them .