Test Drive is located in Free Play

Am I missing this but I used to test drive and live tune on track on fm6 etc but can’t seem to see the option to test drive in the tuning menu I checked a free play and it can only I be done in the menu before the race Any help is appreciated thanks.

Go to Free Play, select Go to Race, then select the Setup tab and you’ll be able to enter Test Drive.


Ah good I will check that out then thank you for the fast response.

Why did Turn10 have to make it so difficult to get to test drive. It would be so nice if there was a dedicated tab for test drive like there was in FM6.


If you start a free play race you can select any track and then test drive is In setup you can tune the car while test driving still aswell


Thanks Logic, much appreciated


using free play to upgrade, tune and test allows you to be more efficient in setting up several cars.
without have to back out to switch between cars. in the end i think we’ll be ok with this setup.

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Why add all the hoops just to get to the test drive option? In past Forzas, when you were tuning, you hit a single button to bring up a track to test on. No reason it needed to be changed…


Had me on my back foot for a good 20 minutes aswell hahah happy to help mate.

You can do it between the career races as well.

The all-open airfield doesn’t seem to be an option. Where can i drive in big constant circles ? Serious question.

test drive is always grayed out for me in free play. I have used it in championships, but that restricts me to cars eligible for that championship. do I have to do something to unlock test drive?

Edit: You have to “go to race” before it is available

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Yep, I’ve reverted to ignoring building/tuning in menus and just doing it in the same free play session. I change the division to any and just build/tune any car I need then swap to the next. Sometimes you have to go to race setup and confirm any again to open up selection but overall the game does not have to deal with load screens so it’s probably faster than FM5/6 building/tuning.

Still missing that parts bin from FH3 though :(.

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I’ve been doing that aswell actually and it’s definantly quicker than the upgrade tune process from forza 6 once the tracks loaded and you’ve done one car you just save, quit select a new car which you can then buy and upgrade then Select test drive and get into tuning. As long as you don’t load a new track every time it’s faster for sure.

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And parts bin, if only hahah I had my fingers crossed so hard that it’d be in FM7 after seeing it in FH3

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It is bad user interface in my opinion, otherwise there wouldn’t be a sticky thread on where to find it, it needs fixing just as the access to the leaderboards, both important for the tuning aspect of the game.


Please add this to the tune/upgrade screens as it has been in almost all games.


Hello all, I’m a vet at FM but new to FM7, I have done everything in this thread but the test drive tab is still not working for me, even after I click the go to race tab, is there something I’m missing, I’m only rank 4 does that have something to do with or what

this option is greyed out for me, one of many issues with FM7 on PC. pretty annoying TBH

You have to select “Go to Race” first and load the track before it will let you test drive.

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