Template Issues

Turn 10 needs to seriously fix some template issues. I have some issues with specifically the NASCAR templates and the Corvette C7R and Corvette C6R templates. On the NASCAR templates, 1.) You can place anything in front of the front tires or on the “C” pillars without having to redesign the artwork due to where the template seams are laid out. 2.) You can’t paint the spoilers, there is a tab to place a vinyl on the spoiler, but the vinyl doesn’t show up on the spoiler. On the C7R you can’t place anything in the black areas of the car (not too big of a deal, mostly just really irritating). On the C6R, you can’t place anything on the spoiler (again, not a deal breaker, just irritating). These are just a few issues I found, some of you may have found more with other cars. Now, I realize Turn 10 will probably never do anything about this as it would probably take quite a bit of time and man hours to fix, but it would be nice to be able to accurately replicate a car.