Telemetry - brake display on screen broken

I love this game, it’s such a blast to play. But man is it full of bugs. I’m starting to just chuckle every time I find another one.Which at this point has been two today.

Intermittently, while I’m driving, the little bar that shows your brake pressure just stops responding and never shows that I’m using my brakes even though I am. Occasionally it will come back. Sometimes after another race, sometimes it won’t work for a whole driving session.

You know I was giving them a lot of credit and defending a lot of their stuff, but at this point it really looks like their entire test procedure for this game went something like… load the game, grab a car, grab a track, did you complete it without completely crashing, no? Awesome! ship it.

So embarrassing that a company of this caliber what would release a game that is in such bad form. Turn 10, Microsoft, all of you guys should really feel responsible for doing a lousy job. My clients would fire me if I even came close to doing this despicable work.

For note: I’m using a fanatec clubsport V 2.5 wheel, clubsport Elite pedals with load cell brake and the forza P1 Alcantara wheel. PC version

its almost like someone pushed and nuke the repo sending it back months.

I’m hoping they released this early in hopes to find and iron out most of these bugs and issues for when the Xbox X launches.