Tedious, dull and annoying game

Bugs I can forgive if they get sorted but FH5 is an awful game. It’s tedious, frustrating and ultimately dull. I’ve had root canal surgery that more enjoyable.

I’m sick how it takes forever to get the simplest thing done. It’s a bloated corpse of a game. Everyone involved in this should hang their heads in shame.

I want my 85 quid back.


Well, as constructive and useful posts go, this is the most tedious, frustrating, dull, and ultimately useless example I’ve seen so far. If all you’ve got is idiocy and hyperbole, you can just leave. No-one will miss you.


I agree. Im starting to lose my patience between cutscenes, waiting for no reason, sometimes you waste 20 minutes just going to the garage, tune your care, then going back, paint, going back, test…
Or when you are going to do an event, and you dont have the right, car you buy one, you pick the livery but then you cant upgrade it before the race starts. So you have to quit, go to the garage, etc and went back again to continue the race… ridiculous.

Not even the launch cutscenes of the logos can be bypassed, of all the games i played, this is the one that takes longer to allow the player to actually play.