#TeamJN Spring Bounty Hunter Rivals | Mar. 24 - Apr. 05

#TeamJN Spring Bounty Hunter Rivals

See if you have what it takes to beat two-time IndyCar World Champion Josef Newgarden (JNRACERTPX2). Receive a custom livery on the 2015 #10 Konica Minolta Corvette just for setting your fastest time. If you can beat Josef’s time, receive an additional special livery to show off your skills.

Deadline Tuesday, April 5, 2022 10:59 PM (4pm Pacific, UTC-7)
Track Brands Hatch GP, sunny
Car #10 Chevy Daytona Prototype
Rival Gamertag JNRACERTPX2

Head to the FM7 Single Player Rivals menu and select Featured Rivals to participate. Players can run as many laps as they wish to improve their time by the close of the event.


Reward cars will be gifted to all eligible recipients after the event has closed. You will need to have room in your garage to download the car(s) from your in-game Messages. Note that these custom liveries are not part of the manufacturer colors for the cars and cannot be restored if you paint over the car or remove the car from your garage.

Gift car with livery for all participants

Gift car with livery for beating Josef’s time

Josef set a time of 1:21.247 on March 24th, which currently puts him inside the top 800 lap times.

How’s everyone else doing? Which corners do you feel offer time for improvement?

Reminder, today’s the final day for this event. Set any time by 4pm Pacific to earn the red-white-blue livery gift car; beat Newgarden’s final time of 1:21.247 to also earn the black-and-gold livery gift car.

I got rewarded two times 1 credit instead of the special livery cars. Well it is still fun coming back once in a while

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Apologies for the confusion - the 1 CR gift messages were due to testing related to the messaging tool. We’re still yet to distribute the Rivals rewards which should arrive by early next week.


I had the same thing I actually lol’ed, good it’s a test, but on another problem, Forza Rewards the last 2 weeks I have redeemed but haven’t received my rewards on FM7, I have on FM 5-6 though fine ?

Planting the seed now. If the next #TeamJN CBH is going to be at IMS in an IndyCar as it has been the past few years, instead of highlighting the Top 10 in your social media posts, please list the Fastest 33.