TEAM VINTAGE JAPAN (THE STREET STYLE FAMILY) Features JDM Meets, Cruises, Wangan Racing, and more 🔰

(Official Race And Cruise Team Forum) General race and cruise discussions, and registration for the team. Will be made here.

(Team Vintage Japan The Street Style Family) Philosophy: This team lives by four codes, Respect (尊敬), Peace (平和), Trust (信頼), and Fun (遊び). This team was made in order to replicate and simulate Japan’s car scenes and events, that’s in japan. A mixture of many different Japan car cultures. That’s main goal is to transfer Japan’s car scenes, to forza.

This team features many different aspects in the racing, and stance scenes in japan.

The Bosozoku section is being reimagined/?/?/?


Kanjozoku - Will bring Osaka’s Infamous Street Racers, to forza. The way this will work, is that we will meet at a disclosed area. To then cruise to the highway, to then race up and down the highway.

Kanjozoku Racing Rules:


Hondas allowed -

. Honda Civic Type R
. Honda Civic CRX Mugen
. Honda Civic Si
. Honda CR - X SiR

Kanjo designs are very encouraged. Also, are team always encourages japanese license plates on your car as well.

Extreme Wangan Midnight

Extreme Wangan Midnight - Will bring Japan’s Highway racing to Forza. Wagon racing is divided into two groups

Group A - High End Sport cars (Nissan GTR Black Edition, Jaguar XJ220, Lamborghini Gallardo LP570 - 4 Superleggera, etc)
Group B - Sport Cars (Nissan R34, Golf R32, Mazda RX - 7, Honda NSX, Supra, etc)

Manufactures and cars that are banned, but certain cars that are from the manufacturer that are exempted:



Bring as high of a horsepower car as you want, just follow the regulations. The session may be set to a certain class, so keep that in mind

As always, are team always encourages japanese license plates on your car as well.

Hot Version

Hot Version - Will bring Japans touge racing to Forza. The way the team will go about this is that, a touge road/ Track will be chosen to have race battles on.


  • USE JAPANESE DOMESTIC CARS ONLY (Car manufacturers that are from Japan)

  • Your car must be A class

  • Clean overtakes only

Accidental bumping is allowed, but excessive bumping results in a automatic loss. So keep a safe distance when racing, just in case when the car in front of you is braking. You have enough time to react.

Japan Street Racing

Japan Street Racing - Will bring Japan past street life, and current street life to Forza. The way this will work is that we will meet up at a disclosed location, to then cruise to drag spot.

Japan Street Drag Racing Rules:

  • USE JAPANESE DOMESTIC CARS ONLY (Car manufacturers that are from Japan)

  • Be in a double line formation, until it is your turn to drag the person next to you.

  • Follow Class Rules

Japan Street Drag Racing Lobby classes will be different each time, but will range from A, S1, and S2

Car Meets

Car Meets - Will bring a variety a meets, featuring various Japan car culture aspects.

Car Meet Rules:

  • No American Manufactured Cars

  • If there is a theme to the meet (Ex. Year 1975 or below JDM cars only, Rotary Fest, Godzilla celebration, etc) follow it

  • No Supercars

Most of the time, the car meets will will not be themed. So feel free to bring whatever you want, but do not bring anything American originated.

All of these activities span across both Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon Games

If your interested in bringing japan’s culture to Forza, here’s how to Register for the team:

1 - Gamertag

2 - Answer this question - Which game do you play on (Forza Horizon 2, Forza 6, or BOTH)

If you have any questions, comments, or have an opinion about this team’s goals, ideas, and regulations. Please feel free to message me on the forum or through my gamertag.

(New Members Log) Log can change at anytime, more members to be accepted soon :slight_smile:

  • FaZe AxE1
  • amt2000
  • DIVINEsoullol88
  • The Devil z s30
  • xSi1verXshadoWx
  • lloyd da great
  • EXTR4 COLO554L
  • MoparMaster67
  • SMOKE ShadOW129
  • MarsoFlaw
  • Jarvis Binks
  • Jamm Dogg
  • FatCatEmpire
  • Minibentley
  • kwikcheezewu
  • Spawn613
  • My Host Is Weak
  • Nismo UK
  • Jkysob
  • Shabadoor
  • Drunkmoons
  • DaAuzzieWarLord
  • ZIMKIL3567
  • Turnip Colors
  • SHIFT66

Team plans to branch out into more games soon :smiley:

this looks AWESOME count me in im STOKED!

Awesome!!! Given we are now available to Forza Horizon 1 being in on xbox one. Alot more resources are available now. Things should be fun :wink:

amen 2 that brother

Got two people who want to join. Willing to tryout for the touge team RN. Fora horizon 2 only.
Bunnie white