Team Ranked Adventure--Mass quitting at end of last race

Yesterday I had a weird experience. I signed up for a Team Ranked Adventure (I think that’s what it’s called. It is the thing where you get split into the red and blue teams and have 3 or 5 races to do.)

When the list of racers came up it was the first time, for me, every racer was ranked. On one team there were three or four members of the same club ([BRUUH] or [BUUH] or something like that). And on my team there were two or three members of the same club (not exactly sure of the name, [PRX] or something). When the list came up I said to myself, “oooooo, what have I stepped into? Am I witnessing the Jets and Sharks getting together?”

Well, the race was pretty competitive and more rough than most races I’ve joined. Lots of ramming and hip checks. I just wrote it off as competitive instead of some cars racing out for the lead and other cars in the peloton farther behind.

My team won the first two, the other team won the next two. Then in the final race the other team was winning. Once I hit around 80% suddenly there were mass defections. The scores were around 2050 to 1600 or something close. As I was ending the last race racers from both sides all quit at the same time. After the mass quittings there were 2 racers on one team and 2 or three on the other. The final score was my team won 250 to 200. It was strange. Then after my team won I ended up getting a whole zero points to change my ranking.

I was pretty confused. Any similar experiences?

not playing ranked but experienced several mas disconnections those last days, only very few players staying on race, just like in Avengers :slight_smile: