Team "Monji_Motorsports"

What’s up ladies and Gentlemen my name is XGN MSR or Monji_MSR on PSN. Monji_Motorsports is expanding to Xbox one. we where established in June of 2015 we as you guessed it we are a full blown drift team on PSN and real life I have taken the leap back to my auto racing roots and decided to compete in formula drift pro-am MIDWESTDRIFTUNION SPONSORED BY enjuku racing for the 2016 season with my 1991 240sx sr20det so without further Ado I am very excited to announce that we are moving to Xbox One and I will be looking for new drivers I am the Co.leader of all of Monji_Motorsports and after some time I will also be looking for a new Co.Leader to help me run things on Xbox One as the founder runs psn and I run Xbox and real life. also I’m looking for new drivers in real life if this is something that you feel that you would like to do please submit a video to me at my email you can get ahold of me on Xbox Live and there you will be able to receive my email must be 18 years or older to join Monji_Motorsports with a valid drivers license if you would like to join Monji_Motorsports on Xbox you must be 17 years or older to join must be respectful to others and you must follow the Online Lobby Rules (ORL) found on GTplanet also you must have a very good racecraft once again if you feel that this is something you would like to do you can always reach me on Xbox LIVE @ XGN MSR. I am on most of the time thank you for your time and keep drifting fun.

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