team events .. needs fixing

its about time you fix all team events … i seem always get on a team with just 5 in … the other team has 6 and always wins … its not fun … its time this was fixed … god its not hard … 6 on each side or 5 or 4 just so its even … if its not … you lose …on the lower side …and people drop out as they see just 5
god its tempting when ur the only one on the team against 6 … easy fix … balance it !!!

I won last night with 2 against 6… its annoying, irritating, and shouldn’t happen…

but its not impossible to overcome, just need a really good partner, and alot of spite.

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You know, it really doesnt matter much if your team is short by just one, right? that is basically the same? in playground games, you can win even having a team of 1-2 against a team of 6… lol.

Wish people could complain about serious things and not this…

Many times I’ve won by being down 1 or 2 players.

Many times I’ve won against teams with higher prestige levels.

Never have I won in a team that could come from behind after losing first round.

Which is why my advice is to stay/leave based on whether you win the first round and ignore whether your down a player. But you’re right it is a huge disadvantage and the only way I can see this being fixed is making team games ranked and match making players based on win/loss ratio. Aswell as ensuring players can reconnect should they disconnect mid way through a game.

I have won a few times after losing first race.

Its not that hard. In other online games (most of them in fact) if a team is short by one, another player can join that team pretty easily. Of course this cant be done keeping in mind how terrible is the online system in FH5.

But then you will encounter other problems. Someone new joins, and that person already has a winner round (or in the worst of scenearios, a lost one…). Not very intersting and acceptable lol.