Team Drift Idiot [TDi]

Team Drift Idiot
Team Drift idiot are looking for fresh new drifters who are looking to join a top team that aren’t maybe the best but want to learn or just looking to drift together . Drop us a message on xbox one (all drivetrain are welcome) make sure you leave your GAMERTAG so we can add you to the members list below !

Hey dude, can I join your drift team. I’m very active on Forza 4 & 5. I am an AWD Drifter but I can also drift RWD if I have to. I love to freestyle drift and also competitive drift.

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Members list

•Bensturgeon162:Team Founder*: UK
•IPeeDaily :Co founder*: USA
•SmallZzy:Co founder *:UK
•hatchet harry92
•aG DeAtHsTaR
•Natural Vodka
•Ant Daddy
•Its Specs
•Obelix Headman
•JJC 21 wins
•alpha killer216

when you sign up to become part of Team Drift Idiot your name will be added above.

You can also leave a message on here . Team is ready getting ready from Forza Horizon 2 so join now to make sure you have a spot .

looking to drift with a team im not the best but also not the worst GT:RivalLotus add me Lets KILL SOME TIRES !!! lol

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Welcome to the team all are welcome !
To make things easier I’m going to add a copy and paste form you guys to fill if you want to join!

Gamer tag:
Time drifting:

Example of my E36 Idiot, might change the stickers around though.

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Looks good bud! Everyone’s welcome in this team so sign up !

Gamer tag: Phixall

Age: 15

Country: uk

Time drifting: 5 months but trust me I have learnt a lot I am currently learning rwd and fwd drifting as I have master awd so yeah I have a friend but I want to do tandems like the tandem kings who are all friends and just get along and drift !


Add me on xbox and your in :slight_smile: we’re a new team so drift tandem is something we can do when we get to know each other better add the your fellow team mates at the top of the page and set up lobby’s for tandem I’m sure them guys are up for it !

Gamer tag: hatchet harry92

Age: 22

Country: england

Time drifting: GMT evenings and weekends

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Welcome to team drift idiot ! Your the same age as me that’s a bonus ! And form the uk bonus ! Ha add me on xbox live.

Hi I’m nic and i love Forza Horizon cause drift are fun and easy and i would increase my drift skill to be able in future to do tandem with team !

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Hey, i’m lookin for a fun group to keep learning and to have fun and this group sounds pretty close to it^^
U can add me on this name.
I’m not the best but i’m also not that bad i think :p.
Age 23 & from Belgium.
Time drifting: Evening, when i have early workshift afternoon & weekends

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Hey whats up guys! Im going to add everyone on this list to my friends ,I do all kinds of drifting and if you need help getting better im happy to help :smiley: By the way if any of you are good designers or can make a dope paint job, looking to get a team paint job… see ya around! #driftidiot

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Gamer tag: aG DeAtHsTaR


Country: USA

Time drifting: since forza 3

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if anyone wants to drift now im on

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Hello fellow Drift Idiots ! Due to this team expanding quick thanks to you guys! do you want me to make a Facebook page for us ? so you can see what times you can drift together and for tandem sessions. And to show your drift idiot machines off ! Comment below with your thoughts !

Tryin to make something nice from my e36, not goin easy :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah a FB page would be interesting to agree on a time to do some sessions and stuff.

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It’s looking great dude ! Must of us use a bmw so your fit right in ha !