Team Adventure is the worst invention in Forza History

Want to qualify? Dream on, you’ve got more chances of launching a rocket into space than getting the grandmaster rewards.

Unless there’s a system in place that separates the players who work for a living and those who don’t. Team adventure will not be as good as they make out to be.

Rant over

hi there i have just came onto forza and for no reason i have been banned untill 2038 and i havbt even done nothing

Request a refund under the Goods And Services act 1982 for failing to provide a service under no explained reason.

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1: there’s already several threads on this topic, post in one of those instead of making a similar thread

2: the ban could’ve been a mistake, OR you could’ve done something, don’t lie cause the devs know if you did somthing to warrant a ban.

3: you can just get a refund, you don’t have to be all “this act STATES THAT I GET A REFUND” about it.

Also, you’re mixing up qualifying and placing.


Exactly. Recipe for becoming a grandmaster, I guess:

  1. Be a fast driver.
  2. Have no job.
  3. Be a psychopath who don’t mind playing dirty.
  4. Have a lot of friends that are also fast drivers, have no jobs and are psychopats.

It sucks so bad that these are the only ones getting the best FE car.

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I’ve read on their reddit that people are getting 2 teams of six to race against each other to hit the rank.

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