Team Adventure - How do you get past 15?

I am being serious - For the life of me I can not get past 15. Win-win-win - Get 1 point. Win-Win-Win get 8 pts. Lose-lose-lose down 40 pts…

I have been at 15 for some time and back to 16 many times crawling my way back to 15 but for the life of me I can not make it any further.

Yet I see a good amount of 13-10 so I know its possible!

What are your tips and tricks? Is there some place to seek out a convoy of people actually trying? I don’t have any RL friends who play Forza so that doesn’t help.

I know some people are just shutting off their Xbox when they get a bad team but thats not my idea of fun or progress.

(Please don’t turn this into a thread about how awful TA is - we know - PG knows and that thread is already locked.)


Game the system I guess.

Get a team, have one to play as the rammer, wallride, join with 6 but one (with a trash account) leaves to provide an advantage, have fixed sets of leaderboard cars for every class/type combination, drive like a scumbag, don’t have fun, win a lot. If the ELO-system works correctly you’ll normally need a win-percentage above 70% to progress to the higher ranks but with Horizon’s bad matchmaking you’ll probably need 90%+.


I don’t know the answer to your question, but I’ve only taken part in one ranked adventure recently, which we won very narrowly, and my score went up by approx 100 points, which I think took me from 15 to 14. I got the rewards for 14, so I think that is right. So the question is why is your score going up so much less than that. What does the standard of opposition seem like when you take part? In the one I did, everyone with a visible ranking had a score very roughly around 1700, vs mine around 1500, so maybe it was winning against those higher ranked players that made my score go up more?

Gotta pair with a minimum of 2 good players. I finally made it back to league 10 for road racing. Took a whole week to get back there. To my shock last night, I played a couple rounds of anything goes and a teammate of mine pointed it out to me I was top 3 in the world. I didnt even know where to look it up and pow there I was. Grandmaster players “anything goes” 3rd GLOBAL. Imagine my shock. My dilemma is should I try to reach number 1 or just move my road racing rank up the scale

What’s the secret to getting people you’re in a convoy with actually into the race?
Of my last 10 attempts, 9 ended with one or more players never getting the “click x to join”, instead getting a lobby full error. In multiple cases, I wound up in events with less than 12 to start, despite leaving a convoy member behind.

Try these tips to help improve the chances that your full convoy gets in to a Team Adventure:

  1. All players in the convoy must be fully loaded into the convoy leader’s Horizon Life Session. Convoy car icons all loaded (not the loading circle) before the leader starts matchmaking. Anyone not in the leaders session at the time you start matchmaking will be left behind.
  2. If a Forzathon Live event is about to start or is in progress you need to restart the matchmaking. Forzathon Live will affect your full convoys ability to get the session alert. Most times only the leader will receive the notice, or all the convoy members will receive the notice and not the leader. Basically, between 10 minutes before and 15 minutes after every hour, your chances of a successful session alert drops drastically. Best recommendation is either have the full convoy participate in the Forzathon Live, or ensure all members stay out of the Forzathon Live area and restart matchmaking every 5 minutes. Wait for any Forzathon Live messages to time out before starting matchmaking.
  3. Members should all announce or designate a quick chat phrase that shows everyone received a session alert before the leader accepts it. Otherwise you risk the leader accepting a session and getting placed in a match alone, leaving the entire convoy behind.
  4. Make sure you and all convoy members are not in the Xbox menu during the session loading, if someone is in the xbox menu while a session is loading, the loading will take unusually long for everyone and the person in the xbox menu will be left behind.
  5. You can’t stop random disconnects. It is inevitable that someone may disconnect during the session loading or during the game. Best recommendation is that person should restart/re-launch their Forza game.
  6. Using the rewind function repeatedly in Free Roam while your team is searching for a match is a risk that can cause your game to crash and for you to miss a session alert. The leader should definitely avoid using rewind while searching for a match.
  7. The leader must restart matchmaking anytime someone leaves the convoy.
  8. The leader must restart matchmaking after any failed session alert (“not enough players…”)
  9. If the Unable to Join Session message pops up for someone, they should restart/re-launch their game. You can also try changing the convoy leader.
  10. If you are having a lot of trouble finding a match and you see other people in your friends list are finding games before your convoy is, you can try disbanding the convoy and re-inviting everyone into a new convoy and/or horizon life session.

Amazing Detail!!

It doesnt always work. A couple times, I made it into the room and my convoy didnt. Full room

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There has to be more of a way to rank up. Is Convoy really the only option?

How do you find people to Convoy with?

That’s super helpful. Thanks Jadigafer7. Appreciate it.

You don’t carry by placing first. You carry by ramming the other team off and making them miss checkpoints.

I’m at rank 15 as well, and from my experience, the winning team is the one who rams better and manages to bail out their stragglers. No doubt you are going to get teammates who can’t drive well enough to pull their own weight, or may outright handicap the team by bringing the wrong car, using a bad tune, driving with automatic transmission, etc. You’re going to have to support these guys since they naturally aren’t going to hold their own themselves.

It all comes down to who has the best of the worst drivers, and who can bail out their worst drivers.

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Reminder on FH team play dark side.

Logic with team based races is that one player get 100 points passing 1 car of the other color and 50 points more in case winning the race.
At team level, if you just pass 1 car clean you get 100 points for your team BUT if you crash it, you get the 100 points and you raise the chances for your team mates to pass it too. Pushing logic further if you get this crashed player to ragequit, you get instant 600 points for your team, almost same than winning race itself.
Considering maximum. Someone playing clean makes 650 points for ‘his’ team at the ultimate maximum. Same player ultimate ramming makes 650 + 600 +600 + 600 + 600 + 600 = 3650 points for his team at the ultimate maximum.
Adding this as a demo of the advantage of wall riding: Wall Riding Noobs Destroy Online Racing (Forza Horizon 4) - YouTube
The objective in team adventure and ranked is not to win races as an individual, the objective is that your ‘team’ wins the CS. Even not doing it from calculation, one player has more chances to win CS by wall riding and crashing other color players than racing clean.
The best players are therefore players expert at wall riding, ramming like hell and possibly chatting with mates making it team wide strategy.

Seriously to the point I may have to quit this game. I’m starting to tear up sh*t in my place. I lost one round where the teams were uneven, 6 on 3, meaning we had zero chance of winning. Lost -25 points, the next round another 6 on 3. I lose 96, 96 POINTS!!! I cant do it anymore. The point system is so random and unfair its not even worth my time


You simply don´t play adventures, in the end it´s not worth the hassle to rank up in a broken system that requires to use equaly broken techniques.


I gave up can’t get past 17 so you got further than me mate

From what I read, if you leave rank too often you get banned.

From having tested that mode few times, I got ranked 15/13 from first CS, mean going from X to 13/15. This said, like I posted sooner, if you wish to improve your rank, winning races is, sadly, just not enough.

Monday evening playing solo I managed to reach league 9, was on a nice streak and even was 100 points from league 8. I grabbed a few friends to make a full convoy, thats when I started getting constant +0 AND -1s after sessions. A few times I won 2 or 3 but the biggest gains came from 3 of us and 3 randoms. Interesting huh?