Team adventure / common bugs

So, after playing for a whole week h24, I really wonder if anyone played the game before releasing it.

There are many issues with the game either functional or bugs :

  • Sound crashing ( I know this one is being worked on )
  • Map disappearing
  • Big lags that make your car respawn for no reason
  • Over extended hitboxes on rocks
  • Crumbling buildings ( once you hit a building you make the floor disappear )
  • Ghost cars ( you can sometimes see lights behind you when you drive at night but there’s no one behind you )
  • Repulsing walls ( some areas have walls pushing you away like the swing in GTA ) mostly on small houses in fields
  • Convoys not displayed
  • Leaving the session after a race
  • Impossible to select a car skill
  • Invisible walls ( not the outskirts of the map, hitboxes on walls / bridges sometimes instantly stop the car ). You can crush stone barriers and trees but a simple plastic pylon is invincible.

These are functional :

  • Not possible to leave a Team Adventure unless you start the next one
  • Loading screens way too long ( some take 7 minutes for 9 seconds of race )
  • Buying a car
  • PvP events
  • Starting the game
  • As a colorblind, great job on putting the undone roads light grey over beige, took me 5 hours to find the last one in the middle of the map. A simple Crimson red for undone and Light blue for driven ones would have been perfect
  • The drone can’t fly ! It’s 1 meter off ground, what a shame
  • Not possible to check on my club’s progression, it redirects me on the Xbox page.
  • Not possible to check your friend list ( I just want to see their levels or compare the completion of the game )
  • Can we have explanations on what a club / team / convoy / session are differents ?
  • Can’t check on my XP progression without completing a race

If any of the point above has an explanation / correction please let me know as I am not aware if there is a way to do certain things listed above

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