Teagan on unbeatable is unbeatable?

I’ve done every race and story so far on unbeatable but after 3 attempts of the Horizon Story Vocho I can’t seem to beat driver Teagan on unbeatable. I get as close as 1 second away. Has anyone managed to beat him on unbeatable or is it impossible ATM?

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I can’t tell where you set the difficulty on those types of story modes so not sure if that’s a thing or not. These cars they give u are tuned horribly I will say that. I will say you can just go to the right and totally cheat and beat her. The 5 second warning about missing a gate pops up and the screen flakes out a little bit but it worked in 1 min 3 seconds. Took me about 6 times of getting my butt kicked to realize it was RIGHT THERE and got lucky.

Omg didn’t know you could do that, thanks

The difficulty is built into the story, you can’t change it.
That one took several attempts for me as well, and as stated, the provided car is tuned horribly. I just cut as many checkpoints as possible tight, ran over most of them and really had to work to feather the gas to keep the car under control, but it is beatable, just frustratingly hard to do so because of p1$$ poor handling.

That’s not true. All racing stories are directly affected by your drivatar difficulty settings. So in any story chapter where you have difficulty beating the drivatar, the difficulty can be toned down to acceptable level (all the way to New Racer where you can walk past them and only worry about making it in time).

Strange, I felt the car handles just fine, only lacks speed versus the Urus.

This is on Expert: FH5 Born Fast: Teagan (3 stars guide) - YouTube
I can’t tell about unbeatable, but in terms of handling I had no issues.


teagan is chapter 6 in born fast story

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