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So far I have done Ayrton Senna’s Mercedes 190E he used in the opening race at the Nurburgring Grand Prix and Sir Sterling Moss’s Ferrari 250 GTO
nullSenna 190E
Sterling Moss 250 GTO

Please let me know what you think about them and leave some suggestions for others!

Good job except I would stay away from relying solely on stock lettering. If you want to use it to supplement that is good but don’t overuse it. Good job here though and I can’t wait to see you get better and better.

After Force India released a picture of the VJM07 I just got done recreating it. It isn’t perfect but I think its as close as I can get. I will probably do all 2014 cars on the E21 as they are announced this weekend. Let me know what you think!2014 Force India VJM07

Good job mate, As you improve you will find yourself not needing the stock lettering as much. I will follow you I can’t wait to see how you improve as a painter.

Just did the 2014 Williams FW36
2014 Williams FW36

Very simple but its clean.

I just got done doing the F14-T that was announced today!


Good job mate!

Nice work mate don’t hang around do you lol :slight_smile:

nice work on the Ferrari F14

+1 Good job on the F14

Thanks guys!