Talking...Must read

As most of the know drifters know who I am…Yes I will be playing FM7!! It’s been 5-6 years stop talking trash on my name and just to clarify I DO NOT BOOT I’m not going to mention names about who started the rumors when I came back to FM6 because I ain’t about that i don’t want the arguments or trash talking! Yes I used to be cocky and arrogant but I was 14/15…it’s been years if you want to question anything then ask me don’t mute me an talk trash a big percentage has got me blocked because they think I’m still that Top troller but your wrong I’ve matured a whole lot since then.

If you ain’t willing to unblock or unmute me then don’t sit there talking a whole heap of trash about me keep my name out your mouth it’s actually surprising how many people still haven’t grown up in them past 5/6 years, it’s like dealing with kids with how most of the people still act…I’m always gonna play forza and much respect to those who gave me the second chance…they seen different, stop hating🤘