Talented Gearheads

A new growing club that’s started on Forza horizon 4 where we work together to rank up through the league’s, leaderboards and more. Want them competitive stunt scores or even drivers to play with then this is the right club for you. We take part in everything whether it’s drift, racing, drag… We even work on tunes, designs, vinyl groups to help out other players. We encourage uploading videos clips and pictures to our club aswell as talking about your experiences and sharing your apions. In the future when we reach enough members we’ll be setting up tournaments anyone can register for and possibly broadcasting gameplay on mixer. Everyone is welcome in this group so invite your friends help us grow, just please be respectful to one another. If you have any questions hit me up with a message.

Just press start on Forza go to clubs and search “Talented Gearheads” to join us. You will know this has worked correctly when we accept because your new clan tag will appear in front of your gamertag ()