Taking photos


One of the things that I find really odd in this is the “processing” time after you have taken a photo of a car. Why does it take so long? Is this a bug? Series X tends to be lightening fast so I find this a bit baffling…

I’d imagine it would be photos processing due to graphics upgrade on all platforms. Then again this game is completely bugged in all aspects, so no idea.

If you’re just getting a picture of a car for Promo progression, use RB instead. No processing time.

If you’re actually taking a photo that you want to share by pressing A, then it does actually have to process the photo. And, yes, it is a bit long. It maybe could be optimized to do it a bit faster. But it’s doing actual work in that case.

Great tip for super quick snapshots:

Rather than pressing “RB” to take them and then wait while it takes the entire week to load again, try this:

The second you press “RB”, instantly start hammering the “B” button and it should very quickly throw you out of the menu back into the game without having to watch the circle of boredom every time you see the 321st Mazda you’ve photographed or 20,000th Mustang.

It usually works 9/10 times but will definitely make the wait times less. Give it a try and see if that helps.

I think this might be the behaviour that leads me to habitually hit A, expecting there to be a prompt to return to the game, but taking a regular photo instead, so I have to sit through the normal processing time again. So YMMV.

Yeah I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve taken a quick Promo snap, then hit A instead of B once you get kicked back to the preview screen…


It doesn’t take forever after hitting RB. You’re immediately allowed to press B and exit. There’s no loading circle when you use RB. That’s the whole point.

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The reason it takes so long is that when rendering photos, the game re-renders the image several hundred times over into an accumulation buffer to properly simulate motion blur and focal blur as well as improve on anti-aliasing, mainly because the base anti-aliasing and post-processing trick for motion blur used during gameplay don’t hold up in a still image.

There are also some graphical improvements in photo mode such as using a higher detail model of the player car as well as displacement mapping on the ground to simulate undulations (this is a new feature in FH5), although those have relatively little effect on render time.

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Horizon Promo bugged.
Has traffic cars on list, similar to last couple FH.
But, it won’t register them when captured.
There are also duplicate cars, 205T16, Metro 6R4, 2 63 Beetles, Jeep Rubicons (one with black top, other red top). Red top captures, black does not. Also ZR2 duped, I have one in garage, still says not captured.
I saved the photos but there are 15 cars that won’t register.
Traffic better tonight have been on solo without traffic last couple days.
I’ve got 499 cars captured, own 475.