Taken Picture's Question's?

First off sorry if this is not the right place to post this but i have a question about the ‘Big Shot’ picture thing , Can you take big shot pictures in FH2 (xbox one ) and if so how exactly is this done? I wanna print out some pictures at Walmart to hang in my Gameroom , Which actually leads me to another question is there a place online to make and order custom print outs/poster style prints like what walmarts photo center would do? i hate Walmart lol , Anyway Thanks for any help guys.

Anybody??? thanks

I know there isn’t a Big shot mode in FH2 xboxone. Unable to help more, sorry.

At least now I know , Thanks bud.

Thinking about it, I may have been kinda wrong. I’m pretty sure that I read somewhere that all shot’s are uploaded as the traditional big shot. Didn’t take photos before FH2 so don’t know previous settings. Can you upload to your Pc and save on a memory stick? Some shops/stores in the UK will print images using this method.

Im still unable to figure out how or if the ‘big shot’ picture thing works , I knew how to use it on the first horizon but this game no idea…Yes i can save my pics to a stick but the regular photos are being saved as 1920x1080 which will work i guess but the other problem i have is at walmart when i wanna have pics printed out poster size the only sizes they offer are 16x20 and 20x30 portraits which cuts my car pics in half but thats all they offer i think i need those sizes reversed 20x16 or 30x20 landscapes i dont know thats why ive been trying to find a online website that does what walmart does but offer more sizes.

try zazzle.com

I just spent an hour composing a reply and the refresh wiped it out (I’m beginning to hate tablets) so here’s a super compressed version.

Use photo stitching to make bigger pics like we did in FM2 & FM3.

Join DeviantArt and load stitched pics into your gallery. It will prompt you to make prints if the pic is big enough - bigger the pic, more print sizes will be available. Buy your own print.

In addition, DeviantArt provides 3 Gb storage (called Sta.sh) space that you can direct link to post pics here on the forums; that’s what I do.

I might suggest keeping the mature content filter on, I’m a 50 year old guy who’s been in the military and been an artist pretty much my whole life, but there’s some reeeaaallly deviant art on that site. I keep the filter on.

Very Helpful CWR ill definitly check it out.


some stitching stuff from FM3 in my DA gallery. The site is super stable, not at all fly by night - very professionally run. Also, look for threads about photo stitching over at gtplanet and forzaplanet.net, they would still have those threads available - since Gran Turismo stores photos and movies on the console HD, they don’t have the huge data overhead that necessitates rebooting the website with each new series of games like FMS.net here.

Ok you said join DeviantArt and I did but then you put load Stitched Pics into my gallery thats where im lost , How do you make em stitched exactly? This is my gallery. http://www.forzamotorsport.net/en-us/gallery/smaronenine im trying to blow the 5-8 monte carlo pics up to print into bigger poster style pictures.

Sorry, earlier I was using quick reply, which has no html or formatting options. From now on I’ll know to use Post a reply so that I can place links and images where I want.

A stitched photo is where you take 4 or more photos in a checkerboard pattern with some overlap on the edges and stitch them together in a graphics program. A panorama is those pics in a row rather than a checkerboard, and there’s freeware that’ll do it for you, but I still like doing it myself - you can use any software that uses layers (GIMP is like Photoshop but freeware, and I think Photoshop Elements uses layers) but you have to plan to do it.

The disadvantage that games like FH, FH2 & MCLA have is that there are no saved replays. In the GT & FM games, if you saved the replay of the race where you took a pic, just play the saved replay to where you took the original pic and take a boatload more to make a stitch or pano from. If you need to take a pic in FH2 freeroam, your best bet is the rewind button so you can find the exact moment in the preceeding 30 seconds(?) to take that series of pics to stitch together.

This is a tutorial PDF for making panoramas in GT5:

GT5 Panorama Tutorial

Here’s me trying to show the process of stitching in MCLA, which is a free roam open world game like FH2 (I’m aware that the finished posters are not great) it may be helpful:

MCLA Stitch demo

My DeviantArt gallery stuff:

Forza 3 stitch

Look around my gallery for other pics with “stitched” in the title from a number of driving games.

Decided I should doublecheck my claims, and I was incorrect - GTPlanet doesn’t still still have it’s old forums because they split off ForzaPlanet.net, it failed(?) or whatever, they then reabsorbed it while sloughing off all the archived forums in the process. So I did a Google search on “forza 3 stitch” which gave me some YouTube tutorials and this thread which also has links to some of those YouTube tuts, as well as some plainly worded explanations of the process:

gamefaqs stitching discussion

I did upload my pics to the gallery on deviant it gave me the option to make them 1600 pixels not sure what that is exactly but there on there and now when I click one it says to make it a print and if I do that will I be able to order im thinking? Sorry but most of all this is far over my knowledge level im getting old I guess lol but thanks for all the Help.

Pics downloaded from FH2 are 1920x1080 pixels, so if it’s saying that the minimum size for prints is 1600, it must be referring to the height (since the width already exceeds that). If you scaled the pic to be 1600 pixels high it would be 2844 pixels wide, and it would also not look very good - scale a photo up on your copier to 150% and that’s what it’ll look like.

I’ve taken a bunch of pics in FH2 to experiment with the easiest ways to make panoramas and stitches (PC finally finished backing up it’s HD, so I’m not trying to type on a tablet anymore), I should have some stuff by tomorrow or sooner. The shots you want to enlarge, being still ‘presentation’ shots as opposed to fast action shots with deep perspectives, should be pretty achievable as stitched shots.

ok thanks.

I thought I could do this in my sleep by now, but I had forgotten everything, as it turns out. After my mostly failed experiments, I actually watched some of those tutorial vids - I was able to make the 49 Merc stitch after watching this one:

Only worthwhile tutorial video I found

  1. Give yourself enough room. You’ll be taking photos at full zoom (20x) so you need to not have your camera backing up into a guardrail or whatever; that’s why this Merc took 12 photos, if I hadn’t kept hitting the pier when backing up the camera, I could have gotten more of the car in each shot. When DeviantArt asks what category you want your art in, I chose photography: transportation, because it allows you to make prints:

49 Mercury poster at DeviantArt
just the pic

  1. Once you’ve decided on your shot, zoomed your camera to 20x and placed your camera, only move the right analog stick. Taking a panorama shot in RL means you pivot the camera around while you stand in one place, so, same thing in Forza. My first try had me using the left stick for panning the camera side to side and the triggers to change the camera’s elevation:
    4 panel fail

At least above it was fully zoomed in. Here it was only partially zoomed and using both joysticks:
8 panel fail

Using the right joystick only, but not zoomed at all. Plus, it’s a downshot (try doing simple horizontal shots with the car centered to start out):
6 panel fail

  1. Keep in mind that your goal is to make prints - if your stitch is too much longer than it is tall, or vice versa, the print’s going to get clipped. My second experiment was actually correct, but it was just 3 pics horizontally:
    3 panel panorama

Since DeviantArt doesn’t have an infinite number of format sizes, the prints were clipped on the ends:
look at print sizes

Gotta go do RL stuff for a while - your forzatography is very good and you should be able to make great posters!

DISCLAIMER: I didn’t paint any liveries shown in this post. 49 Merc paint by TheSinisterPig

Appreciate all the time and tutorials etc but I must say all of this is far beyond my knowledge , I havent the first clue how too approach any of what your explaining I honestly didnt think there was so much involved , kinda wish fh2 had the easy big shot button like fh. but again thanks for the time im sure someone will find all of this useful who is a bit more clever then myself.

EDIT - that mercury is badass btw.

No prob - been waiting forever for a 49-51 Merc in a game. Now that Forza can do open wheel cars, mebbe a 32 high boy? Any fenderless hot rod…it could happen.