Tailights On and Headlights off???

Has anyone else noticed this weird situation in a race where its not raining yet, but the tail lights are on and the headlights are off?(aside from certain daytime running lights, foglights etc) Eventhough they should be on. And then they turn on as soon as it starts to rain. Im not sure if this is a bug, but hopefully it will be changed by the time the game comes out.

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What you call a “weird situation” I call “the first setting on my headlights switch”…

Agreed, though personally I would like to always have all lights on.

Pretty sure the DRLs on the 911 GT2 weren’t on during the Dubai race.

Small niggle, nothing worth shouting over imo :slight_smile:


I think the light bars on the bumper were on, but the DRLs in the headlights were not.

Also this problem mostly seems to occur on tracks where is is about to rain. In the AR12 video with the golf on maple valley(which we seem to be not able post on this site, ironically). The headlights don’t seem to come on at all. The light bars are on, the tail lights are on, but the headlights are off. Its not a big deal but its annoying none the lesz

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Weird how the game doesn’t switch the headlights on after going inside the tunnel.

Also weird how there’s barely any light source inside that tunnel.


I guess they might want to show of the HDR effects on the new console… But yes that first corner in the tunnel is a nightmare…

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Same as Rio in Forza 6. The real life equivalents just aren’t dark like that.

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Nothing like that is going to be changed this late. It’s too close to launch day.

It is probably already fixed… This demo is not a BRAND NEW BUILD… it is at least a few months old compile. Expecting the demo to be indicative of the FINAL game, in any way besides graphics and frame rate, is probably not the best way to go about it. But I wouldn’t expect that it strays too far from what we have.

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