Tag / Virus tracks?

I’ve tried searching but haven’t found anything concrete… I used to play Tag for hours on FM4 but i’ve just started playing FM5 online and it constantly cycles through TWO maps and hasn’t moved on to any circuits or anything else.
Do I need to start another online session, or does it rotate at some point? 20 minute of this and i’m very bored with this airfield!


uhhhh. Now two players are untaggable? Everyone is ramming into them in a corner and they are still blue and driving around (not disconnected etc). 15 minutes now and we’re just stuck in the game. I hope this isn’t a frequent thing!? =-o

Nope someone thought it would be a good idea to only be able to play Tag and Virus hoppers on one track, sometimes restricted to s certain part of the same map. They also thought it would be a good idea to make it so you can’t search for public lobbies with Virus and Tag on different tracks. And yeah, there are dozens of glitches on the map that many members of the community were more than happy to share with the internet. I used to spend like half my time on FM4 in Virus lobbies, and they definitively ruined it for FM5. My advice would be to get into racing for FM5 and cross your fingers that Virus hoppers wont be so boring in FM6.

Virus was so good in FM3 and FM4 - FM5 was a massive let down, it had limited tracks and it was very interrupted. It used to have a lot more variety and it was more free flowing.

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For sure the tracks are cut right back, as too are the cars… and none of my unicorn cars carried over and I believe there are no more unicorn cars at all? There isn’t much left of the game that I enjoyed playing in FM4. On a positive, white wheels and Bathurst FINALLY… still no nighttime, headlights, rain, dirt tracks but i’d be happy to still not have that if the cars and tracks were plentiful. I don’t care much for open-wheelers either… the game was always about obtainable cars for me.

So can anyone confirm that there are (essentially) no tracks for Tag? I’ve started A-class circuit racing and so far that is pretty good apart from three dbags taking everyone out from the get-go… simulated damage would be nice ;o)

Yep, just one track for Tag in the hopper lobbies.

Racing is still super fun though, just keep an eye out for wreckers.

Thanks for the confirmation. I guess I won’t be playing tag anymore then… no point in tuning different cars for one stupid track. And Turn10; seriously? The tracks are there, the tag parameters have been set… why WOULDN’T you offer all the tracks to all event types? It makes no sense to me other than suspecting that some tracks with lots of non-AI players might crash your servers or something.

You are right, i’ve been getting into the A-class beginners racing. I can’t find a “non-beginners” A class to race in, so yeah… you do get a heap of players ramming at full speed on the first turn. I’ve learnt to brake on the inside line and to get around the first corner of any given track on the grass so that the rest of the bowling pins fly past me.

It would be nice to have “X” (not used in multiplayer lobby) mute ALL players. Most of the time there are Americans swearing like an old sea captain and my wife doesn’t like my son hearing it… so I have to selectively go through and mute people one by one.

Anyway, thanks for the responses. I’m sure T10 don’t care and don’t read complaints and suggestions as long as their pockets are being lined. Guess who won’t be buying Horizon2? Can’t wait for pCARS… that should really shake it up!

You’re interested in playing tag so you’re going to bail for a game with no tag mode?

Point taken, but i’m interested in racing and tag. Both games (basically) don’t have tag but pCARS looks like it will have many more driving modes. (night/rain/etc)
I won’t stop playing the Forza series (except Horizon) because I do enjoy normal races and i’ve had some epic battles which I thoroughly enjoy, so as long as that continues I have something to enjoy.

I guess my point is; if someone else is going to do it better for the same money, i’d be stupid not to consider a different driving sim. Taking cars and tracks away sucks, taking all my hard-earnt unicorn cars away hurts more, and taking away all the tracks from tag pretty much halves the game for me. T10 haven’t really created any sort of reasons for me to be loyal to the brand. Instead, I just assume each new release will be worse than the previous.

I don’t want to bitch about the whole thing, but the more I think about it… even the tuning menus are horrible. More than half the time I hit back, left and enter and the stupid menu is still animating a swipe and just does the “enter” and puts me back where I was. No auction/marketplace for cars… no gifting cars to friends. I assume clubs and club garages are out, as I haven’t seen them either.

The only thing i’m doing in Forza 5 is online A-class racing while trying to dodge Brazilian children and listening to stoned Americans swear like a pirate. It might just be the times of the day I have spare to get online, to be fair… but what I do now is join a lobby and immediately mute everyone one-by-one (group mute would be nice!)

Before anyone gets offended… not EVERYONE is like this, only a few here-and-there and I really enjoy everyone else’s racing =-]