Tag virus and Drift hoppers

hello everyone i am guessing the tag virus and drift hoppers will be added when the game releases for everyone


This is a race game. :wink:

yes but tag virus has been a staple of forza since forza 4 and forza normally has a rather large drift community

Thats more for Horizon arcade game.


Is this your first Forza game?
There’s Drift rivals
The tag/it/virus/drag/drift lobbies have been in several games.


ESDA has a fan Base it might not be a big as racing but it’s growing. People like you have been racing since the start and only think about themselves. People like drifting, drag and tag. So why tell people that the game mode they like isn’t good enough for a track game

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Tag(virus) was THE reason to keep playing Forza 4 online.

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when does it tag virus release?
anyone know?

I know Im not buying the game until then. I really want to but its literally pointless if tag virus is not gonna be on tracks or is limited to car types instead of classes like it used to be. smh

David is an asshole and doesn’t know anything


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