Taddo89's Photos

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Hope you ENJOY :slight_smile:

Great start Taddo. This one in perticular caught my eye. The Angle and sense of action are great

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Thank you very much!!

Really love the shot of the Ghibli outside the shops and the M4 HE drifting.

Good work Taddo!

Thank you very much Marshall :slight_smile:

Nice pics! Love the first one of the BMW. What do you think of this one?

Thank you very much mate! Nice pic too! Very nice car and color specs!

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Welcome to the forums Tado nice start to your gallery, I really like this one;

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Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Sandwich anyone? :smiley:

That’s a great picture Taddo. I think it would almost work better if it wasn’t such a nice car!

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hahaha thanks mate!! Marshall do you own a Fiesta St??

I do - I’ve had it since September.

REALLY!!! Me too!! Since september 2015… Blu performance!!

Have to agree with phatphil87, nice work on that shot!