T150 wheel support is atrocious; the car is quite hard to drive and control no matter the surface


I own a T150 wheel and pedal set; which works just fine with 99% of the games I play (Crew, Forza 6 Apex, Project cars and many more).

After getting the demo; I noticed how bad the steering and driving model was, but I assumed it was just due to the demo being an old build of the game; but today I did buy the 100 dollars version; with all the bells and whistles and the driving experience is atrocious.

While with the gamepad; there is some room for getting used to; with the wheel it is almost impossible to drive on any surface, and any car. I did play through the 4 season fast switch intro; and I did notice that the wheel no matter what you do; does not respond as expected. It is not even close to how F6Apex works. In that game, I didn’t touch anything, beside increasing the FF intensity, and did work like a charm, same for Project cars and other driving games.

With FH4; I can’t get a decent driving experience, no matter how I set the advanced wheel controls, nor the deadzones. The fun started right at the first race, with the clutch being used as accelerator; luckilly the T150 has a mode to switch pedals, so I did work around that problem, but the car lag when steering, especially on snow and slippery Rally races (although the issue is still there also on tarmac). The steering wheel allow you to do a total rotation of the wheel 3 times to the left and to the right; although when driving; it seems the game register only the first half of the first rotation in each direction; making it quite hard to drive. On top of that; the return to center is super slow; which result in the car swinging left and right while you try to just make a turn. It seems like every car has oversteer by defaul, which is the first time I did experience it, considering I did play other Forza games with the same wheel.

Played with the settings a bit; then just decided to turn on all the driving aids, and reset the T150 config to default. This was the only way to actually be able to drive around a bit. I can drive no problems with F1 2017 with this wheel and no driving aids, same for Project cars, but can’t do much with FH4.

Are you going to revise the T150 profile? Honestly the fun is to use a wheel and shifter; and I find crazy that I can still play TD Unlimited 2 with the T150 and the manual gear shifter, but can’t do that in Forza Horizon 4 which was just released. Thanks

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The sad part is that I did spend 100 bucks for this game; to get stuck with the MS store; which means I can’t use it with VorpX; and on top of that, nothing has been done to support steering wheels. I end up playing the game with the wheel, and if I go sideways too many times, I turn on the controller and play with it. Winning most of the time with the controller; with the wheel I still can’t get a single turn right; without either fly off road or spin backwards.

This is really ridiculous; Playground has no employees that can fix a simple problem with wheel support? Is so hard to get in touch with the Forza team and get a hint about how did they nail the steering wheel and FFB support for all the Forza games? Nobody is asking for realistic driving model; just to get enough settings in game to support wheels. Can’t believe that even TDU2 and both Crew games have better wheel support than this game. First and last time buying a Forza Horizon game on PC