Ok so my account on forza 4 is under reveiw and im not quite sure why but i think it might be because i put a car up as a joke for 900mill and some one bought it… but besides the point i might lose all the design tune set ups unicorns and my level on my favorite game and be banned… how do i like talk to someone at T10 because ill happily get rid of the money if it means keeping my forza account… plz respond T10

I’ve been banned before. Unless it’s for 30 years you will loose anything that
is in your storefront and auction house. Any designs, layer groups and tunes
should still be in the cloud or HDD.

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So im going to lose all my stuff is what your saying…cheers T10 you guys are champions #loveyourwork why dont you guys look into banning modders and hackers, people who mod these credits to start with or what ever. ive now become annoyed :L cheers for reply though IP Daily 119

He didn’t say you would lose all your stuff. Just your storefront & auction house uploads.

He said all of your saved originals will be untouched.

Plus, no one here can tell you whether your account being under review means you’re actually going to get banned. Try the forzafb@microsoft.com email if you hope to get a response from Turn 10.

Thanks man ill give it a go