T10 please help!

Another night of being hit off the track buy the same group of idiots! GRAY###SNIPE1and his mates. I’ve even shared a race with them in. Can you do something it’s ruining everyone’s races!

Lots of guys like him out there, best thing you can do is find another lobby.
Another one with a bad rep, report him on xbl and move on, nothing else you can do.

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I move on and they appear it’s a shame. I’ve been away from online for so long for this reason but thought I would give it a try again because I’ve read about t10 cleaning it up. It appears they haven’t.

As stated, report and move on. And BTW, naming and shaming is not allowed on these forums.

About right for t10 you can’t even complain about idiots I will edit and remove the name

Yeah ,just report and move to the 1 other open lobby. I ran across a guy the other day that spent 3 or 4 races knocking everyone off the track. Then switched to another gamer tag (the same tag with a number on the end) and acted like nothing happened.

Save yourself a lot of aggravation and search out organized racing and clubs. Your state of mind will thank you later.