T10 Please help, Horizon VIP pack is not allowing me to download.


I have the FH collectors edition (bought it brand new from Gamestop, even pre-ordered). I went to try and download the VIP car pack / membership and I’m told it costs $x.xx (an actual dollar amount). So I checked my code to make sure I entered it. When I check it says my code was redeemed, when I check in the FH storefront I can’t download the VIP pack, please help.

What happens if you try to buy the cars in game?

This is the one drawback with this game.
When you download a pack or code. You still have to purchase the cars in game.
Which is not explained when you do it. So causes some confusion for some.

they don’t show up. The pack won’t even download. I don’t mind having to buy the cars after the fact with game credits. But when I go to download the car pack it says I have to purchase it, even though I have the Season pass and have a VIP car pack code…

This is still an issue can someone from T10 help please?