T10 / Forza lost their way.

Well after catching up with the Forums it is clear to see the dedicated FORZA FAN is not happy. " Johnny 5 is alive " I think not.

We all was amazed with the series but was promised the earth with 5. Wot the heck happened. Total change with layout, lost key items:- STOREFRONT, GIFT CARS etc. Got the same tracks, cars and no carry over items like CARS, DESIGNS, VINYLS etc. I know many people who hav done great stuff not to aloud to bring them over from previous FORZA’s.

We all hav said in this FORUM one way or another the format to this GAME is lost. Either RACING, DRIFTING, TIME ATTACK, DESIGN and SELLING.

We are not impressed with 5 and T10 / FORZA again hav not listen or read the FORUMS in 2 - 3 - 4 and now 5.

We are your bread and butter. WE PAY YOUR WAGES, without us loyal fans you don’t earn.

HAY LISTEN UP we the FORUM over the years have given you people all the ideas you’ll ever need to continue in your jobs and earn money. EM ! no reseaching, wot do these people like, how can we improve the game, wot problems or issues hav we.

Try reading these FORUMS you might learn something about your CUSTOMER.

I agree and u forgot user created lobby’s who ever looks at forums only prolly tells them wat they want ,I guess . Lol cause they sure aren’t listning

I don’t know. I’m happy w Forza 5 and I am impressed! Sounds like you should be saying “I” instead of “we”.

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i see someones dug up an old record. Ok there’s some features missing, but all the positives easily out weigh them. move on!

My game has some tracks new to the series. Maybe mine is special :wink:

Speak for yourself. I couldn’t care less about auction house, storefront etc. (and plenty agree with me but don’t post)

Thank you for your feedback.

You can contact the developers by email at forzafb@microsoft.com

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