System requirements Forza motorsport 6 apex fx 4300 gtx 750ti or lower

So i googled looking for free to play games that i didnt really know of and weren’t complete crap… i found this game, or maybe a big demo. doesnt matter anyway looking at the minimum requirements in the windows store i thought maybe my PC could handle it on low/medium with a FX-4300 GTX 750Ti and 8gb of RAM, so i downloaded the game which is roughly [Mod Edit - Profanity removed - D] 21gbs… so after finally finishing downloading it and playing for the first time it was a big slideshow when trying to race in-game, the main menu and all worked perfect but when i started a race, the in-game menu where you can configure your car settings etc. started lagging a bit and well… racing, there wasnt much of that. So i changed all my settings to fix it according to people on the internet and put every graphical option to medium, put all the anti-aliasing off, particals cut in half and put the frame rate on 30fps. The only thing i kept on high was the car models, because a racing game isnt a racing game without beautiful cars right? Still the config menu still lagged a bit, racing was a bit smoother though, not alot of stutter/lag but it still was there some moments and it looked like a forza game on the xbox 360 but still ran a tiny bit worse than that. And after all of that i tried to connect my xbox controller to my PC but i have to buy a receiver for that so i was stuck with my keyboard and racing with a keyboard is like racing with a handicap.

So after all this whining and crying about how [Mod Edit - Profanity removed - D] my life is right now, the moral of this story is:

Dont download the game if your PC doesnt atleast meet the minimum requirements for your cpu, gpu and ram, just build a good PC (if you have the money) and play games with nice graphics like these on there but dont… just dont download this game if your specs are lower than the minimum because you probably wont enjoy yourself, defenitely if you dont play with atleast a controller ( a steering wheel is the [Mod Edit - Profanity removed - D] though) because playing with a keyboard is a no go.

Anyway maybe you wanted to try Apex and wasnt sure about the system requirements and found this than i hoped it helped you considering downloading it or not.