"Syncing Data For Forza Horizon 2" HELP!

So recently i bought the new Xbox One Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Edition, And when trying to install Forza horizon 2, I proceed to load up the game and of which then it says “Syncing Data For Forza Horizon 2” And it will go up in percent to 100% and then stop, it would sit hours on end, And which the only way to actually play the game is to cancel the sync and start all over. which I’m not one to want to do, Due to the fact i have over 250 cars fine tuned and well built, Plus the hours and so on to near enough complete all of the challenges and campaign (And so on) I have tried these methods;

Reinstalling the game (Twice)
Downloaded All DLC Back onto the XBox
Re downloaded my profile.
System formatted it.

And a few more, If there anything that could fix it, That would help,


Blanc Wolfy XVI (Not IIMexican Jesus)


Let it finish. A full resync for Forza games takes hours. Do not cancel it. It is not frozen.

Well, did you ever for once think to let the game finish syncing before proceeding to either play or cancel?

If you have lots of cars, tunes, and paints and the likes your game data can have a very large file size and can take considerable time to sync. What you need to do is let it sync and once the syncing banner vanishes and the game loads up, you can play.

Also, when installing games, always let them finish to 100% before playing. Sure, the Xbox says “Ready to Play” but that’s a lie.

I did everything you just put, and now im back down to Level 1, Made me restart it again, Wont even do it from the cloud from my previous xbox one, But in the club and so on, it says i have X amount of xp, and XP Amount of roads driven which is Much much more than what is registered on the console. I now have nothing in campaign, But all my scores on forzas website and game are still the same online wise.

I’m having the same problem and it made me restart and now when it does sync it is from when it made me restart

Yep, I’ve unfortunately gone down the route of having to start again…

Mine keeps syncing to haven’t restarted yet I think the only way is to restart forza should at least give us money to rebuild are garages

Update I have left the syncing going for about more then 3 hours and is now syncing with the percentage bar so if you have this problem then you just have to wait don’t click stop syncing or you will lose everything

Is at 100 percent and is just corrupted my data and now it don’t syncing at all just starts a new game

This right here is what every single help thread or “oops deleted my game thread” comes down to. It’s what everyone is told to do, every time they need to install or sync.

You must have patience, and let it do it’s thing. If you interrupt it, you risk losing your data.

PPiDrive, I left it to sync overnight from about 8pm, and then left it still until i got home from school, so it was a near 18-20 hours or something, and it would just go straight to new gamesave, Not interested in playing the game anymore, as the amount i’ve unlocked to then be lost, Theres no point, As i just feel like no need to do it, and it bores me.

It says im tier 6, and all this, I have many rewards, so why cant turn 10 keep our gamesaves for the future, or even xbox let us move our gamesaves onto a usb or something?