SUVs Trucks and Open Wheel Cars

Hey guys don’t know if any information has been given on this subject, but I was wondering if any of these vehicles will ever return to online play?

I know that the regulations system comes first in regards to reinstating all the banned online cars. I was just wondering if these vehicles will be added back to online racing in the future, hopefully the devs chime in on this. Thanks

I sure as hell hope they’re brought back in once the regulations are up. To start with, the cars should be allowed for use right now, but even then: once regulations are running, there goes whatever paltry reason there was to ban the cars. The drivers were always the problem, not the vehicles.

Yeah I definitely agree, I really like driving a lot of these vehicles online. Not to mention I’m playing the game in a very unique way, and knowing if the devs plan on allowing all these cars is pivotal to me getting started. I just hope one of the devs give me a heads up. I don’t need to know when, I just want to know if it’s in the plans.