Suspension vs ARBs difference

Suspension and ARBs seem to do the same thing, so I want to know if there’s a method to it. I read somewhere you should tune understeer first. To reduce understeer, you loosen the front for both.

Every time I search for something like this, all I see is posts where people say “just drive the car and you’ll get it”, but there are so many factors, and when the setup has a major problem (like understeer so bad I can’t turn fast enough to dodge cars on the highway), I can’t tell the difference between max rear suspension and max rear ARBs.

I want to know the difference between suspension and ARBs, and also the difference between raising/lowering the whole suspension/ARBs. Supposedly a generally stiff suspension will make your car bounce on the curbs more, but this is Horizon 3, where I’m on the sidewalk half the time. Maybe someone from the Motorsport series can tell me the subtleties I wouldn’t notice in Horizon.

I’m no expert but I believe it’s better to fix immediate problems with ARBs rather than springs.

ARBs are tubes connecting both sides of the car, so they’ll have an effect on body roll only. Springs will affect body roll but also the ability of the car to absorb bumps, longitudinal stiffness (that is, whether the car dives during braking for example), steering responsiveness and overall grip, which means spring tuning is ever more complex than ARB tuning, especially because you’ll have to tune the dampers to match the springs.

ARBs is the second to last thing you want to adjust when trying to fix oversteer. Many people believe that when they take a turn and are unable to complete it at a speed of 150 or less (depending on the turn) they just need more oversteer. Tune the acceleration settings of the front tires lower or the rear tires higher by a few values and then adjust front springs and front damping slightly. After that you can tune ARBs.

I guess that makes sense.

How can you tell if you should modify the overall suspension, or modify the ARBs? There are some flash tune methods out there, there’s the default setting, I got the ForzaTune app… all quite different settings. What does a good tuner look for when you’re going for the right values?

ARB’s are used to adjust car behavior in the middle of a corner whereas springs and shocks control the car’s behavior an the beginning and end of corners. Look them up separately and you will find “rules” on their settings.

ARB doesn’t work realistically in this game. I’ve personally found myself able to add as much rear ARB stiffness as i want until the ~35.00 “tipping point”, then I adjust the front ARB accordingly.
Springs and dampers also barely affect the corresponding ARB numbers in this game.

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