Suspension offsets

I recently watched the Stella stig video tutorial on suspension. I was so pleased that someone had finally nailed the suspension telemetry so when I got home from I went straight to my current car which is AWD to test the theory. I aimed to setup the springs to get as much suspension travel as possible as this is apparently recommended but found that to achieve the .85 offset on each spring, when accel, braking, cornering, my car had to have hellishly soft springs and it just didn’t feel great at all. I went back up the scale, an additional 300lbs on each spring and it was much better by feel but my offsets are only hitting the .60 .70 mark.

Can anyone shed some light on something that I thought I had learnt from Stella but now have a car that contradicts the tutorial?

I’ve been using his method and it does seem too soft at first but tightens up later especcially after tuning shocks.

Well that might make sense because my bump settings are low(in the 3’s) and rear ARB’s are low but increasing them seems to have a worse effect on the car. I’ll be honest, I thought this was more an AWD issue because squat on accel is reduced and I thought the offsets couldn’t be as extreme as RWD in that case. It’s funny because I’m so close to getting this tune finished it’s just I want a tad more speed through corners. Going so soft with the springs would mean a whole shake up of the setup/and current feel for the car that I have atm - it could be better though with this softer setup!!!

Drivetrain isn’t going to have an effect on the suspension offset that jumps out as “HEY! Pay attention to me…” Looking at your shocks is a good idea, but trying to get your offset to that range is going to take time trying to figure out your springs and roll bars. Stella made it seem easy, and even my guide can seem to come off as easy, but tuning takes time and patience. It’s not a quick 5 minute, okay I’m done this is the best tune ever process.

I’m using stellas guide for suspension yours for alignment and worms for bumps and dampers. Bit of a hybrid really but for the moment i cant tell how good my tunes are because my driving is still improving.

Yeah I should be able to figure it out. It’s tough because I have my hard spring based setup that feels very close to the best I can get it but I ultimately wanna share this tune so it needs some tiny tweaks. Going back to square one isn’t something I’m against though. This tune is in it’s 3rd week now and I’m getting about 2 hours most nights on it. The amount of builds I’ve gone through is staggering. I’ll start with a soft spring setting tonight and work on those offsets and friction pages.