Suspected hacker [Edited]

This guy is playing Horizon open and finishing races in seconds of it starting. please investigate this guy in any way possible. i watched him respawn over and over at the finish line in a 3 lap race. wish this game had a in game reporting function. i have reported to microsoft and will report to players streaming on twitch to spread the word.

we need to work together if were going to rid forza of hackers

@RyuFurinkazan did you record a video for us to watch?
– i might be wrong, but i am unsure if “name & shame” is allowed here. correct me if i am wrong.

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how would i be able to record video on xbox. this game has leader boards or something? im sure techs could see his records and see hes finishing races in 6 seconds

There are actual legitimate ways to report a player. Google how to record video on your Xbox model. It is easier on a One or Series S\X with a newer controller but still possible with an older controller.

DxBang is right. Naming and shaming is against the forum rules.


If PGG won’t do much, which has been my experience, why not? I’ve reported tons over the years, esp fh4-5. Zip.
If they’re not cheating, cmon in here, set up real races with streamer, prove it. Self policing.

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LOL, these idiots won’t do anything.

They can’t even fix the game that they created, and the apes they have here don’t care, they just merge threads and clean up posts that offend them,

Maybe Agent McNuggets will know what to do.,…looooooool

If you’re on Xbox and you come across them again use the Xbox’s capture feature and record the last 30 seconds/1 minute.

I can sort of understand the forum rule about not naming people in case someone is mistaken and wrongly labels someone such and such a thing but personally I think in certain cases some are so bad that it’s the best way to make people aware since little is likely to be done enforcement wise in this game.

lmao, Agent Mcnuggets’ only reason for existence is to mark whatever ticket comes in as “solved” right away :smiley:

@RyuFurinkazan reporting cheaters works via Forza Support, NOT here! as other players already have stated. they won’t do anything about it but it’s the only way.

Naming and shaming other gamertags as suspect, or even what users might think is obvious, is not allowed on the Forza Forums. It is not up to other players to come here and prove that they are legit. If you suspect a player of cheating or other behavior that violates the Enforcement Guidelines, use the links in the README post in the #forza-horizon-5:fh5-troubleshooting forum.