[survey] How many hours do you spend in FH5?

Hear me out…

I don’t know what it is, but somehow I’m not enjoying FH5 that much. I used to be “addicted” to FH4 (over 3 200 hours and even in last weeks before FH5 it was fun), but after starting “hype” and clocking nearly 470 hours FH5 is not my first option to fill up free time. I’m very glad that Covid restrictions are lower now, so I was able to get back to some of real life activities. Was hoping that Jezza14’s rivals challenge will hook me again, but it didn’t. Not to mention discord , which I was using only for Forza servers and I haven’t opened it since 2-3 weeks. Festival playlist (until I get prize car + trial few times) and few rounds of Eliminator is all I do now.

Can’t tell if it is connected with:
a) bugs - like Eliminator freezes, sometimes game gets very dark in race, etc.
b) “bad design” - upgrade garage UI, lack of custom adventure (not to mention ranked), etc.
c) new PI system - not gonna lie, I hate it. If I would be in charge I wouldn’t touch it (IMO FH4 balance was good) or I would move the slider the other way around, so what now is A class would be S1. Well, ok, maybe not that much, but you get the idea. IMO cars are too fast for their class.
d) “my driving and tuning” - I would say I was pretty quick in FH4 and sometimes I would built car worth sharing. Now I’m still not slow, but something is off + it always feels like I’m not getting 100% performance of the parts installed in my car. Maybe keyboard was “nerfed”?

Anyway, I would like to know if I’m am the only one whose playime dropped drastically and here is a 3 question survey to fill (google form, you need to be logged in): https://forms.gle/BDLTLDT71j949MeH8
Will share results in few days.

If you want to discuss your point of view feel free to do it.


Yeah same here real playtime dropped a lot… its more testing bugs and whatever not enjoying the game
Hard to have fun no idea why its not the bugs i can ignore this normally, skipping forum rivals too was more fun in fh4 and noticed that “slow” too

Nice image in the survey ;D

As with every entry, I played it regularly until I finished the campaign and did all the races (but not all the side stories). And now I revisit it from time to time if the mood strikes, or they add something I want to check out. When the first expansion drops I’ll likely play it regularly again until I’m done with that… unless I’m really involved in another game at the time. There are a number of games coming soon that will probably be eating a lot of my time.

My game crashes after 1 hour now, so that limits my play time anyway.

Maybe it’s just that the whole concept has grown stale on us, as good as Horizon as a series is/has been we’ve been doing the same thing at it’s core for 10 years now.

That’s not a dig at FH5 or anything like that it’s just the way things happen for a lot of people, however good something is if it doesn’t really change then eventually the enthusiasm for it will start wearing thin.

I don’t know whether to admire or despair at the people who put hundreds/thousands of hours into FIFA/Madden/COD/Battlefield etc year after year without ever getting tired of it or feeling like venturing out into something new.

Personally FH5 could have been the greatest racing game ever made but I still wouldn’t have been able to approach it with the same enthusiasm as when I played the 1st Horizon.


I’m down to about three hours per week. Rapidly heading to zero as more and more features are removed. For me, FH5 is nowhere near as engaging as FH4. I played FH4 for years. I doubt I’ll play FH5 much longer.

Just long enough to get any new cars available/complete the weekly events. That’s it.

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My answer for the last question is that it dropped only because my first 2 weeks were over Christmas break.

I play every day since day one, have done all the campaigns noe I just log on to do a few xp farming drives of the goliath and the weekly challenges and stuff just to do the minimum to get the reward cars for the week, other than that I might do some tour races.

My hours have also fell off but I said from the very beginning, this game felt very different from FH4 and not in a good way. People are starting to see what I meant. I mentioned the cars didn’t brake well even with race brakes and they didn’t turn as they should, since the recent update, every car oversteers now. I complete all the new playlist activities on Thursday and then I hang around in Eliminator but so many cars don’t belong in that mode, so again nowhere near as fun as the last game.

So I’m currently splitting my time between this game and Mario Golf. Imagine that! I rather get out of the race car and grab my golf clubs! #sad

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In all previous games I would have completed everything by now. But with this game, I spent 3-4 hours on Thursday completing 50+ points for the season and seasonal. It’s hard to believe that half the icons on the screen still say “new”.

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I completed all possible accolade excluding the photo, livery and tuning (I’m not so “creative”) and I’m in the first 1000 in the HOF.
I played a lot in the first phase after the release now I play only the time just to complete the playlist activities.
Many hours less than FH4 that involved me a lot with ranked adventures (solo and team).

Play time dropped like a rock after November. Really though, it’s primarily because I was playing FH4 so much prior, so after the new game shine wore off it wasn’t much different from 4, which I was already getting burned out on anyways.
I only really play enough now to get new cars. I’m waiting on the expansions to really get invested again.

At present? Zero.

And, after 4th March 2022, probably less than that.

GT? Waiting for my PS5 :smiley: (only for GT7 and forbidden west)

My hours completed is nearing 500 hours so I have played the game a fair amount. The time I spent playing did drop off after the first week but then I was playing 6-8 hours a day at the start due to so much to do…most days I will spend 3 or 4 hours playin, either racing with a streamer, creating races, Rivals etc. I do all the Playlist stuff as it’s there. Have played FH4 a bit this week so might start splitting my time between the 2 to keep things a bit more varied

Right now I’m not playing FH5, or any Forza at all really. Besides all the technical problems and loss of features we’ve seen with FH5, fundamentally it’s just more of the same tired formula I burned out on in FH4 where the game felt more like a job than anything else with the weekly chores and the ridiculous number of exclusive cars.

I won’t bother to share my play time because there’s already been enough consistent feedback. In short, everyone “currently” doesn’t play much because there is very little to do.

Up through Monday, 5-ish hours a day.
Since the update, just enough to grind out the season playlist. I had liked the feeling of being rewarded for doing fun things like skill chains, but they broke the system that had been doing that. If they have no response to make it seem like they will fix it, even that’s probably going to go away, and I’m going to switch to Mario Kart 8 because pinky Yoshi on a motorcycle flinging turtle shells is more fun to me than racing around in a Subaru hoping I’ll eventually get enough to buy all the cars

Jealous… I wish I could play Mario Kart on Xbox. I definitely would play it instead until they make FH5 more entertaining to play. Right now the game has a solid foundation but nothing has been built.