Surfer's Paradise beach off limits?


So in game we can get a cool Meyers Manx beach buggy, but can’t drive it on the beach at Surfer’s. Yes, I know I can just drive south for beach hijinks.
There’s a brown fence blocking access to the beach all along the esplanade at Surfer’s.
I tried driving half way to Byron via the 12 Apostles (lol). Got on the beach and headed north, but there’s an invisible wall blocking the way.
Granted, vehicular access is not allowed in real life except for surf lifesavers and emergency vehicles, but it would have been nice to get a photo on the sand under the iconic sign.

I figure just like Nice in Horizon 2, the beach there is off limits for flavour pedestrians. Being a pretty flat beach I can appreciate that.

It’s a straight stretch of beach inhabited by pedestrians. There’s a few other beaches you can go to.