Support updates and hotfixes not here, Why?

Why do we have to go to Twitter to read about an update or hotfix?? You took the time to create a thread “and pinned it” for support updates and hotfixes just so you can tell us to go to Twitter!

Is this not the Forza Horizon 5 forums and support page?? We come here to get information. I don’t use and will not use Twitter or Discord or any other website you fill necessary to move information too!! We have been using this page since the beginning, this is where we come for info, stop forcing us on to different platforms and use what you have here!



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i agree with him and also ok we go to twitter where is the release notes? what did they fix? twitter does not need fixing :DDDD

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i mean…did you even look at the pinned post? the one that, where it tells you to go to twitter, literally says the exact same thing as what the twitter says so you dont actually have to go to twitter? cuz its there.

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I agree as well. Forums are better organized. Things can be more easily found later, for me anyway.

Tried Twitter a good number of years ago. Didnt like it
Tried Discord when it first came out. Hated it. Too juvenile and cutie for me.

Please post important information here as well. PLease don’t send us elsewhere.

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Yeah! That’s really weird - coming to see what the 5 Gigabyte Hotfix does change and get a link to twitter where as almost the same text states some infos we already got in the game messages. Why there is even a forum at last if the devs doesn’t share any details here at all?