Supercharged V12

I Really hate How People Are Putting Supercharger (The Triple Intake System) On Muscle Cars (Dodge Dart Is a Clear Example) And Engine Swapping To V12. First Thing i want to know is If thats even Possible, And If it Isnt, Why the Hell Do People Do it?

My 1st guess would be the just don’t know any better.

And I hope that that engine swap never finds it’s way into Horizon 4.

You can bolt a roots blower onto any engine with some modification, and there are a few blower kits irl for the lambo v12 so it is possible. Doesn’t make that engine swap any less dumb tho.

I personally don’t see a problem with supercharging a V8, like mentioned above, it’s done easily in real life. Now… a V12 swap??? I also hope it never makes it to Horizon 4. It’s all about people wanted to go stupid fast but unrealistic! My 11 year old loves this game ( we have a full cockpit with clutch / gear shift and handbrake ), he’s getting really good and I finally got him to understand to try to keep it " real ".
He’ll keep the stock engine and upgrade it and tune it, but he always gets discouraged online because of everyone running V12s!

This is the most baseless complaint. It’s Horizon, it’s not meant to be taken hyper-realistically. Sometimes I want to drive a car stock, sometimes I like to see how fast it can go. How is that dumb that people enjoy the game differently than you?

Also, online interactions aren’t rated by the ESRB for a reason. To put it bluntly, the other players don’t owe your son strict class competition. Put him on Motorsports where there’s actual racing leagues. People are gonna run V12s, just like people use the shotgun in COD, and like how people choose the previous champion to play as in sports games.

Shotguns are trash in COD, And No-ones taking it Hyper-realistically. But After Doing A drag Race With A V8 Dodge Challenger And Seeing ALL the other Opponents Use V12s in their Dodge chargers and Corvettes Really Puts me off.


Some of us just like to keep it real!!! And he does play Forza 7 and Assetto Corsa and ISR… There is a difference between a " baseless complaint " and an opinion!

Then have him play those other games to “keep it real”. Do you follow traffic laws in GTA V? Even so, you can keep it real in the base game by yourself, but don’t dictate how people should play multiplayer just because you feel it’s unreal.

Wow! Again, it was an opinion!!! Never dictated!!! There is one in every crowd!!! There are 1000’s of FH3 players that like to race clean!!! Wall ridding and bumping cars around is, as you mentioned a GTA5 thing! Again, WE BOTH still enjoy this game, it was an opinion of what we prefer!!! I’m not sure why you keep defending this opinion

Defending what opinion? That everyone should be able to enjoy the game their way? That’s an opinion I’ll always ‘defend’. Yeah, there’s 1000’s, so friend them up and race with them and let the people who want to V12 swap do so.

Yet people still use shottys in COD. And sorry, but you’re either gonna have to find an impossible tune, V12 swap, or not do drag races.

A swap shop close to where I live swapped a z06 engine and a srt10 engine in 2 different Honda S2000. From 4 to 10 cylinders. V12 swaps wouldnt surprise me irl. but v12s just arent as availables as they are in game lol