SUPERB game! Minor issues, however

PG, you’ve done it again! The first Horizon was a dream come true, the second one bettered it in every way. And here we are with Horizon 3 being celebrated all over the world!

I especially appreciate how you’ve given car sounds that much needed oomph and real-car sound factor. Love it! However, I noticed many cars go almost completely quiet on off-throttle, as if the engine’s about to stall. This reminds me of how engine/exhaust sounds were done in Grid Autosport, if you can recall that. Cars IRL, especially high HP and modded ones, have a beautiful engine whine sound and exhaust flutter on off-throttle, which was rather well-captured in Horizon 2, but it seems to have been either overlooked or deliberately not included in H3, whatever the case may be.

Hope you guys can give this some thought and attention in the next content update.

Not a major issue by any means, but one that’s slightly annoying: the Microsoft Studios logo at the start stutters for a few seconds, though this duration is random. The sound can still be heard, but it isn’t in sync with the animation. I’ve learned others have also noticed this. There’s also stuttering and screen freezes sometimes at the loading screens where you see a spinning circle in the bottom-right while you’re playing the game.

The load time at the main screen when you’re about to start the game is preposterous! I timed it - it takes a full minute to load the game initially! Can anyone else vouch for this? Unusually long load times, sometimes even when the game’s saving or when it’s loading right before an event. And it’s not my console believe me; I keep things fresh, always and only run the game when I’m playing, in addition to the frequent hard-resetting and performing full shutdowns/startups.

Finally, one thing that left me quite annoyed is the Supra sound: it sounds exactly like the M4. An oversight perhaps?

Looking forward to everybody’s thoughts on this, possibly someone from PG! :slight_smile:

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More issues:

In a 1-1.5 hour session, the game will exhibit a micro-screen freeze, much like FM5 and Hor2. In some cases, the freeze is almost half a second.

I can barely hear the other drivatar’s car when challenging them to a head-to-head - when the camera cuts away to their car which drives past the camera, there’s barely any engine sound. This wasn’t the case at the start of the game or the demo for that matter.

The 2015 Zo6 has no effect on it’s performance stats or PI rating after adding a Forza wing (similar to the Evo X turbo glitch in F6).

I’m loving every minute of FH3. It is such a breath of fresh Aussie air! Hoping to see issues resolved.

I’ve noticed a couple of bugs on the 2005 Elise 111S.

When you put in chassis reinforcement it puts the full role cage in on all 3 levels.

The little red light on the taco under 4K rpm is actually a shift up indicator that should flash at about 7,000rpm (I know this from experience). In the game it doesn’t flash but it comes on constantly when the headlights come on which makes it look more like a warning light!

I was sad to see the Mk1 Elise hasn’t made it over to FH3 (even though I hated the red steering wheel it had) so I hope they can at least sort out these bugs on the 2005 model.

i get some minor issues too (hoping an update will fix it)

as for the game its super addicting! never tought they would surpass Horizon 2 and they juste did! except for the intro, Horizon 2 has the best intro EVER!! :stuck_out_tongue:

widebody kits and blueprints helped make this game awesome! all the cars and the size of the map too, and the absolute beauty of Australia omg! GG Playground Games!

Agreed, a fantastic game but still good reasons to go back to FH2 every now and again.

that will be very hard without the bodykits haha :stuck_out_tongue:

More unfortunately:

The 2016 CTS has a copy/past sound of the 2015 Z06

Challenger Hellcat has no supercharger sound at all

Drivatar’s car sound cuts in and out or almost completely mute during the initial head-to-head sequence

Add a wing to your 2015 Z06 and it makes no difference at all

Cars and even music isn’t as loud as it was in the demo - more visceral sounds in the latter, with good bass and midrange levels. Don;t know what happened in the final game.

I hope this doesn;t end up like FM6, where they couldn’t be bothered about the car bugs… even several months later

I would kill for a one minute load time. It takes me all of 8 minutes from first launching the game until everything is loaded and I can actually do anything.

I would kill for a one minute load time. It takes me all of 8 minutes from first launching the game until everything is loaded and I can actually do anything.


If it’s taking 8 minutes to get into game i’d look to a hardware issue. Failing hard drive, overheating maybe. It should not take 8 minutes to get into game, even from a cold start of your system.

The only issue i have with this game is that i cant bloody stop playing.

I love it, but my issues include:

-No VW*
-Drivatars still too prone to driving into you in freeroam (though improved over FH2).
-Volume sliders not effective enough. Music is too loud vs. car, even when music=1 and car=10
-PI system more broken than ever (handling vs. power debate).
-They kept the silly “XP championship” roadtrip thing from FH2.

  • I’m aware this was not the Dev’s call.

I think with great games such as this the problem lies in that it’s so addictive and playable that obviously the longer you play it then even the smallest things will start to irritate and the frequency of seeing them will increase.

I found a tiny glitch which really annoys me. When driving any car under a bridge or in a building the flames pop from underneath the car and not out the exhausts. There are quite a few other small issues but for me don’t detract from the overall experience.

I think it’s the best Horizon yet and will continue to play for a long long time yet!