Super7 prizes

I just read on Reddit that the Super7 has a Super Wheelspin as of the change yesterday. I am seeing a normal Wheelspin. What are others seeing? How should it work? Do I need to do the “normal wheelspin” one before I find a Super Wheelspin?

Don’t bother it, Super7 is broken… will change in maybe the next season, the one in January at worst

Prizes for playlist activities in general have seemed lackluster so far compared to FH4. Super wheel spins changed to normal for seasonal stunts despite technically being harder due to new restrictions on them, cars that are mostly available in the auto show, heck, one of the seasonal championship prizes this series was a whopping 50k credits.

Mind, I’m referring to the prizes for activities and not for the series/seasons rewards. Those are pretty good so far.

Super 7 completion is completely broken at the “moment”. So, dont bother with it.