Super Spins from the 10m Castle purchase.

Did anyone else get 95% rubbish items from the Super Spins after buying the 10m castle… took me a while to save up enough money so i’d have some remaining after purchase.

Check these items I got, at least I’m ready for a cross dressers Saturday night out?!?..COME ON.

Super Spin


Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose… get over it


I did win, some rubbish clothes that’s my point

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The game doesn’t care how you earned you spins… They all have the same odds - which lean heavily towards cosmetics.

Don’t waste your money buying houses for wheelspins. It’s much cheaper to buy cheap cars that have wheelspins in the skill tree.

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I’ll “win”… one day… i guess once i get every single last clothing dance and horn, assuming they dont keep adding more, im seeing holiday themed clothes appearing already now

and assuming its not possible to get duplicates cause if they keep adding more, and if duplicates are a thing… well i may not get the castles before forza horizon 6 comes out

More like most of the times you lose, sometimes you win…

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I got super lucky and won back about half of the credits I’d spent on the castle. Some junk items too, like a clip on tache.

Seems the game is insisting on you celebrating your new landlordship by going full hipster.


Same thing happened to me when I bought the 10 mil Castle… Won a bunch of junk with the 10 Super Wheel Spins.

I have enough (more than enough) to buy the last Castle (15 mil) but… why bother? I certainly don’t need anymore “pink” stuff.

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How you get so much credits? I buyed the Chiron yesterday and now i have 1.6 Million Dollars left… That will be a loooong long road to 25 Million… (15 for the castle, and 10 for the other house near the beach)…

I had 40 mil CR when I bought the 10 mil Castle… I’m at about 38 mil now.

I mostly race Goliath, it pays 100K per lap. Colossus is good too, but doesn’t pay as well.

I have created blueprints for the short circuits of 10 laps, they pay much better that way.

I will occasionally win credits with Wheelspins, but, as mentioned, it’s rare.

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It’s a slot machine basically. 99% the time it will give you absolute bogus results, with the promise of that 1% of a million dollar payout.

Don’t get attached to the results, and don’t chase that 1%, that’s how addiction is born.

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Sadly several cars can only be earned through wheelspins, so there isn’t much choice here, unless you get even more lucky with the auction house.

Looks like you had 4 spins left, so I’m guessing that was the first one you got that was bad enough to take a screenshot off.


Nope, out of all 10 spins I got one FE car, the rest was clothes and I made maybe 1M in credits.

I took the screenshot as a friend asked if I’d got anything good from the spins, I sent him that image on my phone. I only bought the castle for the barn find…seems the achievement is glitched anyway.

I got rubbish items as well from the 10 Super spins that came with Bamburg Castle.Definitely didnt worth it.

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And the 15 mil Castle come with an Alfa Romeo; I think is was “P3”. I thought this was some sort of modern prototype vehicle… but I looked it up and it’s some 1930’s car… Really?

3 game worth of history on player’s “hot” ticket cars, and this is what everyone likes?

Well that’s your own fault for being clueless. The P3 is a legendary race car, sorry its not just some random hypercar everyone fanboys over (and believe me I love hypercars, but they arent everything).


Yep. Trash bro I was hoping to get a car or something

Yep, RNG is real. Got my two vip wheelspins today. First spin a total of 700k and a rare car. 2nd spin was 40k and a legendary car. That 700k is my best spin yet

When I bought the castle, I got about 2.5million credits back out of the 10 spins.

Yeah it’s pure rng, in two vip wheelspin i got totally 30k credits and rare cosmetic, first one was worst ever 3 times 5k credits, even getting clothing dont feel that bad than get ridicolusly low payout.