Super rare spotlight series - BONUS IS BUGGED

I completed all objectives, and the one for winning by 300+ meters wont unlock for me… i won twice, once by 500 meters, another by about 1000…

I am only that objective away from getting platinum medal… any ideas why? Is it truly messed up?

Nope. Not bugged. I got it on my second run. Just keep in mind that the distance tracker in the HUD or UI is in feet, but you need to be meters ahead at the finish. My first try I was having to go slow for the last left hander (Gambon?) and the guy in 2nd was flat out on the runway section, so he ate up a ton of meters and I finished 960 some odd feet ahead of him…that was nice. Got it on the second run with about 200 feet to spare. Basically, if the check box next to the words isn’t filled when you cross the finish line you probably won’t get it for some reason.

The simple reason being that you will pass the line with less than 300 meters between you and the car behind :slight_smile:

I would agree on it being frustrating though, I missed it on my run through the challenge. AI setting was hard enough to give me enough bonus points to snatch the 3 medals anyway. This is another reason why I find such bonus objectives to be a bit low, if you run with slower AI you’ll win those no problem but if you want a challenge you’ll penalize yourself.

Not nearly as frustrating as the “on track” challenge when the AI are suicidal monkeys but still quite unpleasant.

yeah well the one time i must have been damn close… other than that… the computer cant be beat unless it gets stuck or crashes… which hardly happens… making some of these platinums just dumb luck. ive gotten first place at least 5x…

Think I completed that race multiple times on Unbeatable, just for the fun of trying to improve my score. So far I got all 16 Platinum to be gotten in the game without any glitches/hiccups in the awards.

Hope you can find the time & effort to give it another try. Be aware; the checkbox might be completed halfway the track but since you are very slow in the last few corners, the AI might catch up on the fastest bit of the track and you can cross the line with maybe 299m to spare thus not completing the requirement.