Super 7 descriptions

So why can’t the super 7 descriptions translate languages? I usually burn a couple of cards each run because I have no idea what they are about. It shouldn’t be that hard for the software to translate at least to a somewhat readable description.


Often thought this myself.

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No need to burn the card out of hand if you don’t know what it is from the clues in the opening scene. It does translate once it starts * and you can burn it then if it sound onerous. Nothing lost but a couple seconds, you’d lose more loading a new card instead.

  • though, since it can, and does there, why not entirely or at the opening scene ? an attempt at inclusivity ? then leave the original and have the translation below the original maybe

Question for others, given some of the translation blunders, how well does it seem to do on the Super 7 translations ?

Whoa! Lost something in translation there I think. Not real sure what you were getting on about especially in that second part. But to burn a card (which I cannot read) only takes a couple of seconds and two button clicks. To load a card takes around 50 to 60 seconds. And then there’s the time lost trying to figure out what is going on. Fine with me if you want do it that way. I’ll keep burning the cards until I get one I can understand.

And it’s not just about us English speakers either. There’s a lot of players who don’t speak English. As evidenced by the sheer number of different languages in the super 7 cards. So there are a lot of other language speaking people out there who are probably dealing with the same issue.


I often burn the cards too if I cant read the description and it tales only a second or 2 to do so, whereas loading up the challenge takes way longer.

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lol, clever one there, let’s see if I can clarify (but it’s late so I may just make more of mess of it…)

I understood you to say you were just burning cards out of hand if a non-English language popped up. Fair enough. But…

I find even with my limited linguistics I can usually tell what a challenge is from the description (seconds, minutes, and such are a clue, is it a long run or a short drag, or a jump, etc.). And without that little game of “what is it” most “challenges” are hardly fit to be called such and generally involve nothing more complicated than “full gas, stay straight, count to 10”. I swear most could be done blindfolded. The “tricky” ones involve a quick check of the map and cross country shortcut (and the language isn’t going to help or hinder that kind at all). The only ones I have an issue with (rare so far, but more prevalent in FH4) are the deliberately impossible ones done for a stupid joke.

I was half convinced maybe you didn’t even know it was translated after it loaded, and maybe I’d save you some bother of burning through challenges waiting for one that was in English so you could tell it fit your interest. I really don’t remember a Challenge card taking that long to load. BUT, waiting for the NEXT one, after doing a burn, yes, about that long. So, in my experience anyway, burning a card AFTER it pops up with a foreign language is going to take longer to get another one loaded and done than it will to just do the one you’re dealt when you see the translation. I suppose your experience differs. C’est la vie.

As to other languages and issues that’s exactly what I was wondering about in the second part. Given the mistranslation issues, one infamously, a daily a while back that had German speakers looking for Motorcycles when they should have been smashing Bicycles (or the other way around, can’t recall exactly). A very basic simple translation that even Google Translate got right but somehow the devs got wrong. Heck I even knew it was wrong when I read about it, and German is far from my daily sprechen (call it war movie German level knowledge lol). Makes me wonder what kind of mess non-English speakers face with Super 7 “translations” given the majority of Super 7 are probably originally English.

Anyway, have a good night everyone, carry on.

It doesn’t take that long when I click burn, like I said a few seconds if that, maybe on some languages it can be worked out, but on others that use a totally different alphabet to what I know then sorry but that’s getting burnt. I wont single any particular language out here as that is not needed.

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Right Dave, and I wasn’t trying to single out any particular one either. I’m sure there are plenty of players equally frustrated trying to figure out the English versions. And the way some people write, I even have trouble with some of those.

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