Summer playlist stuck at 99%

My wife (buttercup101493) wants the Forza Edition Capri but the game is saying she didn’t complete one of the daily events under the forzathon playlist tab. However under the summer #forzathon tab it states she has completed all 7 dailies and the weekly. It’s stuck at 99%. I have pictures but have no idea how to post them. Today is the last day for the summer portion of the playlist and despite that I don’t think it’s fair for her to not be able to get the car because of conflicting information. Please help!

The Forzathon Weekly and Daily counter is entirely independent of the Festival Play list. You could do 1 daily/week for 7 weeks and then complete a weekly challenge, then you are awarded the Forzathon Weekly bonus (7/7 Daily + 1/1 Weekly). The Festival Daily Challenge is working as designed. I am guessing if you scroll through the 7 dailies listed in the Festival Playlist, one of them will say EXPIRED. This means your wife is done for this festival challenge and will not be awarded the Capri FE or the Porsche 914 this summer. There is always next month (not sure what the prizes will be then). Good luck.

If that is the case then this experiment playground games is pulling is trash. That was way too much work just to be able to not earn a car in this case 2 cars. We have lives and kids and work etc… So to put in the hours we put into getting said cars just to not get them. That’s crap. Plus we have gotten on and have done every challenge so how did we miss one?

For that word that is blocked I put C. r. A. P. Not the s word.

Playground games needs to take notes. I think many will agree with AR12 Gaming and his ideas to fix the broken festival playlist. I say broken because many people have lives and cannot dedicate hours of time to the game.

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Guessing you dont read on these forums much
They are going to drop the 100% to 80% but keep the 50% as it is
And the rewards will be backdated to cover last week

Nothing broken about it…just people that dont like to make an effort

Maybe read the other threads before posting and you would keep up with things