Summer #Forzathon Shop, Festival Playlist events and Rewards through April 15


Starts April 8 at 7:30am Pacific
Ends April 15 at 7:30am Pacific

This is the first season of Series 34.

The 1960 Porsche 356 RSR from Emory Motorsport is this week’s new exclusive reward car.

BARN FIND RUMOR: (Spoiler - repeat Summer find)

SUPER7 COMPLETION: 2012 Shelby 1000 (previously available Exclusive model)


  • 600 FP Car: 2018 Apollo Intensa Emozione (previously available Exclusive model)
  • 350 FP Car: 2010 BMW M3 GTS (previously available Exclusive model)
  • Emote: Dab
  • Car Horn: Ode to Joy
  • Wheelspins cost this series: 40 FP & 150 FP


  • 50% Summer Completion: 1960 Porsche 356 RSR from Emory Motorsport - (newly released Exclusive model)
  • 80% Summer Completion: 1984 Rover SD1 Vitesse (previously available Exclusive model)
  • 50% Series Completion: Backstage Pass - see how it works here
  • 80% Series Completion: 1985 Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT Apex (previously available Exclusive model)


#NOTGARDENVARIETY- Take a photo of any Hypercar at the Moorhead Wind Farm

  • Reward: Super Wheelspin
  • Share a scenic photo with the hashtag on social media for a chance for your photo to be featured by Forza.


Earn 100 FP from the weekly challenge plus 10 per Daily, plus Bonus for all, double for owning the Lake Lodge

Weekly Challenge: (15%)
Must be done in sequence to count.

  • Own and drive the 2015 Mercedes-Benz #24 Tankpool24 Racing Truck
  • Win 3 Street Race events with the M-B Truck
  • Earn 3 stars at any Speed Trap with the M-B Truck
  • Earn 10 Trading Paint Skills in the M-B Truck

Daily Challenges: (1% each)
Each challenge is open for 72 hours from 7:30am Pacific of the start day.

  • Earn 3 Awesome Near Miss Skills
  • Earn 3 Ultimate Skill Chains
  • Earn 3 stars in total from PR Stunts
  • Closely overtake while racing to earn 2 Ultimate Pass Skills
  • Earn 3 stars in any Drift Zone
  • Earn 2 Great Drift or E-Drift Skills
  • Glance a wall with the rear of your car while driving to earn 3 Drift Tap Skills


The unique reward listed for seasonal championship events requires you to place 1st against at or above the Highly Skilled Drivatar difficulty setting; the Trial requires Unbeatable difficulty. As of Series 24 Playground Games rewards the car for all participants, win or lose.

The Trial Co-Op Championship: “Get Hyper” | Road Racing | (S2 998) Hypercars

  • Reward: Rabbit Outfit

Showcase Remix: “Quaint Village Rush” | Delta-Wing

  • Reward: Super Wheelspin

Seasonal Playground Games | Mortimer Gardens | (A800) GT Cars

  • Reward: 2013 Bentley Continental GT Speed Forza Edition
  • As of Series 24 you don’t have to win the event to earn the reward.

PR Stunt: Hilltop Vista Danger Sign | 620.1 feet

  • Reward: Super Wheelspin

PR Stunt: Lower Fell Speed Trap | 210.0 mph

  • Reward: Super Wheelspin

PR Stunt: Glen Rannoch Speed Zone | 97.0 mph

  • Reward: Super Wheelspin

Championship: “Cult Following” | Road Racing | (D500) Cult Cars

  • Reward: 1967 Volkswagen Type 3 1600 L (Notchback) (previously available Exclusive model)

Championship: “Down Under” | Dirt Racing | (A800) Australian cars

  • Reward: 2011 HSV GTS (previously available Exclusive model)

Championship: “Bring Me a Dream” | Street Scene | (D500) Vans and Utility

  • Reward: 2011 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor (previously available Exclusive model)


  • Monthly Rivals: Pontiac Firebird '68 at Lakehurst Copse Circuit
  • Online Adventure: (requires 1 Qualifying race to get ranked)

Completing the monthly events applies their completion percentage to all four seasons in the Festival Playlist:
6% for Monthly Rivals
15% for Online Adventure Qualifying

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Zonda Cinque is my recommendation for the Trial, won it 3-0 despite some shenanigans at the start of the 1st race, hopefully it’s as easy as that for everybody else.

Mosler for the speed trap + zone and the Rimac for the jump used and just about to use the Regalia for the games, it always stands out yet is surprisingly good (credit to IngoingCake for the original idea).

Hopefully the seasonal event for the Firebird in Spring is something new, every other thing this series is a repeat.

Reminder: If your game is showing different events or completed events for the Summer season, that’s an indication that you haven’t installed the content update. Reboot and try again.

The only completed bit for me is the ranked team adventure thing. This pleases me.

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The only playlist item I’ve done is the Monthly Rival ('68 Pontiac Firebird), but mine shows all three regular racing championships as already completed (same as the week before) …despite being current on all system and game content updates including reboot.:person_shrugging:t2:

Does anybody recomend any car from the forzathan shop to buy

I would go for the Apollo IE and use the Backstage Pass for something else.

A small tip. If you have difficulty to 3 star a speed trap in the weekly Forzathon try the Astmoor speed trap south of Mudkickers park. By far the easiest.


New series and my start to it brought me first ever FFA qualifying win. :slight_smile:
Then to the trial and ever since new series stream showing Get Hyper title, I wasn’t really looking forward to it, at least I knew what I’ll be driving - a Pagani.
So its S2 998 road racing with hyper cars and its more like very fast bumper cars … wreckfest.
Quit first race on first try because of it, second try wasn’t much better, at least I managed to get away a bit and finish 2nd behind player’s Zenvo, second race and starting last, mixed with all the bumping wasn’t much different, again 2nd bested by one drivatar. Last race, started mid pack and managed to run away and coasted to a win. 3:0 for team.
Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster, tune - 175 062 114
I so wish there would be an option to run trial solo.

To solo championships and starting with A 800 dirt racing with cars from down under :slight_smile:
Since there was already something like this, to get new Holden Group A, I just reused the car.
HDT VK Commodore Group A, tune - 130 623 025

Then to D 500 street scene racing with vans and utility’s. Could again use Mini Traveller, but opted for grip
Ford Transit SuperSportVan, tune - 924 508 848
or Morris Mini Traveller, tune - 113 152 826

Finishing with D 500 road racing with cult cars, again opted for grip, could also use a bit of a cheat D 100 Peel P50.
Morris Minor 1000, tune - 123 005 148
or Peel P50, tune - 108 002 456

PR stunts and as always used Koenigsegg Agera RS, tune - 167 849 655 for danger sign and speed trap, used McLaren Senna, tune - 176 256 116 for speed zone. All done on first try.

Weekly forzathon and its return of Mercedes Benz Tankpool truck. I used my B 700 tune - 133 409 255 for winning 3 street scene events, then thrown bigger engine in it, to get 3 stars from Astmoor sped trap, then again switched to B 700 tune, went to highway in solo mode, to earn trading paint skills.

Weekly Super 7 reward is Shelby 1000.

Finishing pic

Hope this can be of any help to somebody, take care everyone and have fun, bb


Congratulations on your first FFA win El B!

I tried the Rimac for the trial on the basis I thought it couldn’t be that bad. I was wrong. It is a terrible car. I think I managed to just about get top 3 in all races but the fact the car doesn’t turn combined with some fairly annoying teammates meant it wasn’t a great experience. I’ll have to try it again with a sensible car choice.

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I used the Zenvo TSR-S, just to use something different, and won all 3 races.

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Yeah I’ve just redone it in the 918 and Venom, neither of which I use often, and was about 5 seconds per lap quicker at Holyrood compared to the Rimac. It’s just a really poor car - I was slower than I am in some S1 cars.

1st cleared off the playground and Unbeatable online stuff.

Get Hyper needed 4 tries.

  1. With 918. Bad tune and bad luck.
  2. Zenvo. Tune were ok but nothing more. Spun out in 1st 2 races about 2 turns away from finish line.
  3. McLaren Senna. Dead last. No tune.
  4. Senna again. Spun out a few times but was luckily carried by others as well as player ahead of me quit after car flipped which gave our team the needed 2nd win.

Any suggestions for car to use in rest of championships?
My thoughts though:
D500 Van and utility: Transit Van.
D500 Cult: Mini Traveller.
A800 Aussie: Maybe I have a Ute for this. Not sure yet.

For speed cameras and the jump I used my “old” Koenigsegg Jesko. Got a tune from someone and its nearly God Like.

Also participated in both monthly things;
Put up a clean lap, with some drifts, so I can put up a faster one, later on, if I wish to do so.
Adventure Racing, twice, and got into League 12, top of L12, almost into L11.

Gotta ask!

Just made the Van thing.

HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE??? :flushed::astonished::scream::exploding_head:
Chose the Ford Transit and then it was a Koenigsegg Jesko in the race… :person_shrugging:

So: 125% bonus for difficulty, three easy races, kachingg, Thank you!

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Fun Forza stuff :joy:. Good job you managed to win!

I do wish they put some thought into the trial. S2 racing, in Hypercars, and the first two tracks have immediate corners. Wonder what’s going to happen there with no ghosting?? The second course is also pure handling really, which doesn’t suit the Hypercars at all - sprints where we can really put the throttle down are so much better to showcase them.

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I was expecting the trial to be worse than last week but it wasn’t. I used a Senna with some updates from the last time I ran it. It’s shared as Road if anyone needs. The starts were messy. At least they are dry races.

I completed the truck challenge with a B700 tune for everything up to the speed trap. Then a max tune for running the Astmoor speed trap.

Edit 2: Everyone may want to hold onto their 65 Mini Cooper for a few weeks.

Duplicate post.

These are the Hypercar tunes I have for S2 which may help anyone having problems with the trial:

McLaren Senna - Nalak28
Lambo Veneno - OnlyNaps
Porsche 918 - JumpyArdvarkITA
Hennessey Venom - DaddyBee42
McLaren P1 - Nalak28
Italdesign Zerouno - JumpyArdvarkITA

Lambo Centenario - Scaans
Zonda C - Scaans
Pagani Huayra BC - Grandma Driving

The first 6 I’ve done the trial in and they can all win all three races. The Senna and Veneno are the easiest to drive, with the others being quite a lot more challenging. The last three are all “wet” tunes but I’d imagine that they’d be fine for these conditions as well.

Seems to be a lot harder to win overall this week. Only at 4-3 team win-loss so far.


M-B Truck 3 speed trap stars I did at fortune island, speed trap lady on the lake heading north.

S2 Hypercars is always Aventador SV time and it never fails me. Simply the best >1MW car in S2 imho. Given the three tracks of the Trial the strongest options should be the Zonda C, Senna & Lego Senna.

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Manteo - quick correction: the Trial reward is the Veneno. The bunny outfit got left in from last week.

So it looks like the Senna was a popular choice. I was deciding between that and the Italdesign, I have a good tune for that. Not too impressed with my Centenario tune yet.

So the Senna ran well. Not my fastest tune but very stable. However the AI was nuts. Literally skittering back and forth across the roadway. Like full on sideways movement. Once you got past them, it was easy to move on. Won 3:0 but because of vehicular combat, only managed one first, a third, and a fifth. And no ghosting even when cars were full on sideways crashed. Just brought you to a standstill. So mildly aggravating.

And this week’s Rivals is…Lakehurst Copse. Are you guys doing this on purpose? lol

Finished the rest of the events, will post those tomorrow. Set a few new PB with the PR stunts, so yay me. lol