Suggestions for multiplayer

spitball multiplayer suggestions and upvote the most popular. Ill start

  • more options for categories like the hopper system from FM7? I would love to do horizon endurance racing, maybe a hopper with 1 or 2 races with 10 laps at a time?

  • Wall collision penalty needs a serious overhaul. getting a moving penalty when you dead stop from crashing into a tree or wall is insult to injury especially when its from getting nudged by competition. I honestly think it should probably be removed all together from any sort of dirt/rally setting with how much sliding occurs. sucks when u hit a fat drift and your tail-end scrapes a wall or tree and u get slowed.

  • Rewards. Lets have rewards for winning online championships? maybe super wheelspin for first? wheelspin for second? and a cash prize for third? anything would be nice

  • some kind of rework on PI system, some cars start at the bottom of a PI and can barely reach the top and thus are just not competitive in an online setting.


I fully endorse all these sentiments.


All valid points.

Id also add changes to the seasonal events. Why cant the seasonal events also be human vs human teams. instead of just vs AI. I’m not saying remove the ability to race AI in the event but it would add to the multiplayer aspect.


Good points

I disagree with removing wall penalties. If you do this then you’re only encouraging wall riders who will easily dominate and beat even the most skilled players.

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By rewards for winning online championships, do you mean Horizon Open racing? Which I see as fine for rewarding winners. Or do you mean the Trial? I think that would be horrible. Too many players already play to win individually no matter what they do to the team. Rewarding 1-3 place would just encourage more of this behavior.

Human v human teams could be interesting but it could be really bad with even more rammers.

Basically it mean player stopping another players process / earning reward.

and unlike Team Player gun shooter game.
It make everyone play dirty by attacking other players.
In FPS game it is OK because we are actually shooting others.
But racing is a sport. Not a fight/war. It need all player play fair. (like a squash, the wall tennis thing.)

Oh another one of these threads lol… please, new players stop posting things like these, yes we all know mp needs a complete overhaul and all your points are already propossed a hundred of times before. Zzz.

George why do you post on these forums. You’re like a deranged troll

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It’s hidden. Click his icon then click more then click the button beside message and there will be an option to ignore him.


I agree that wall riding should be discouraged, I would hope for a wall ride penalty rework. Something where sliding/riding the wall is penalized but if you get dead stopped you don’t get penalized.

yeah I mean Open it says championship at the end when it dishes out the XP. As of now there are no team racing events so I don’t see an issue with rewarding 1-3 place. If it was team racing then its a different story. I would like more modes to encourage human v Human cuz dont even get me started on the trash AI

If this game come with any system to balance contact physics and stop dirty racing.
Then it is ok to give bigger price to winner.

In FH4 we saw lots of dirty racing because the game reward something to winner and without rules.

In FH3 there is not much reward difference between 1st and last. And it also win by cleaning score.
From my experiences.
if there is no meaningful reward people more likely racing for fun and clean more than win with all cost. Because there is nothing to lose.
(Even we got rammed we dont upset too much and easier to forget about it.)

Instead of give reward to “winner”
How about give to clean driver?

And Since this is casual game.
Putting bigger price to winner are more likely result in some kind of feedback loop to slow player because they earn less and progress much slower.
I think if everyone spent the same effort to run 3 laps we should earn similar reward.

Giving fair amount reward to casual/slow player so they have more resource to play more cars and stay playing.
More player get good and we have more good race.

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Please delete 3 sec. countdown for missing checkpoint flag in multiplayer race.

It is made for waiting time for rewind in single play race , but using rewind loss too much time in multiplayer.
And also, Countdown start after few second so it take nearly 5sec. to restart from checkpoint.
Instead of 3sec. , if missed, just restart quickly instantly from checkpoint is more better in multiplayer mode.

I wish this change will come.

As much as I hate this when it happen’s it’s a part of racing don’t miss the checkpoints. I don’t think they should change this.

Just mandate a physical intrusion sticking out of all walls. It doesn’t have to be a big intrusion but big enough so that any attempt to ride the wall just wrongfoots the offending car. It’s better than the slow down imo.