Suggestions for FH5

  1. Monthly/Weekly Car meets, I think this would be a good way for the community to really represent themselves through their own builds in Forza and have everyone come together. During this there should be a way that a player can submit their “build” (one of their vehicles every month or week) to the car show. Other players can then view different builds and check out peoples cars, open hood, doors, zoom in and interact with the car.
    1.2 this one ties in with the car meets, but i think that truly being able to have a track day within the car meets where the builds people submit are for a certain class so that they can race against each other every month or so. Players would submit an S1 drift car/ A class time attack racer / S2 drag car) to compete with others online. I feel like this will really get the community more involved and look forward to an event like this. There should also be a rewards system for exclusive rewards to really up the stakes and get buy in.

  2. Being able to see duplicate vehicles in your garage. This is so underrated and I do not know why this doesn’t already exist. When there are so many cars in the game.

  3. Auction house - please, figure out a more intuitive way to represent vehicles owned when going through and trying to purchase vehicles in the auction house, I also feel that the bidding with another player is really laggy and does not work well. Timer should reset when a bidder bids so that the bids can actually keep rolling in… even after the proxy.

  4. Weekly challenges, a lot of them are the same every week and kind of takes away from the fun of Forza. I think you should take creators events more often and set a realistic goal for different custom tracks or Forza made tracks. (Hit a certain drift score, sprint time)

  5. More unlock able cars by using car mastery points. Great way for people to keep grinding.

  6. More cars period. Missing a bunch of vehicles ( F80 M3 for example)

  7. When new cars come out in real life there should be a way that Forza partners with the company to get the car in the game so that players can work towards unlocking it.

  8. More body kits and ground kits for vehicles. People love the customization part of Forza. Some people like the ricer style and some people like the clean carbon fibre look. More options for things like this would be always appreciated.
    8.2 being able to put decals on windshields!!! How does this not exist. Players would like to put their twitch names on the drivers side, with their nationality’s flag. Or banners… easier way to make and change colours, I feel like it’s not very intuitive and people would like to create their own custom colours with different finishes. Underglow/ more than just one spoiler and front bumper, it’s honestly depressing, especially when there are so many manufacturers that make wide bodies now and custom ground kits.

  9. Better shifting animations from the characters in game.

  10. Barn finds, I feel like players should have to go to certain mechanic shops and drop the cars off and pay to have the cars restored. I also think more barn finds should be a thing.

  11. Being able to change the license plate to the players region. I think this adds a personal touch for everyone.

  12. Monster trucks?!?!! You gave us this awesome opportunity to drive one and race against one, but then didn’t fall through for whatever reason? I feel like you really hyped it up and then we were let down. A lot of people support that community. There should be a playground area for monster trucks somewhere on the map.

  13. More hot wheels cars, this will really reach out to the children who love hot wheels and with your graphics will look soo much cooler than anything they would imagine.

  14. Different exhaust tips and locations of where to put the exhaust. It’s crazy how you guys love to have pops and bangs from many vehicles but then, all of a sudden I can barely see it because the exhaust is this little tiny exhaust hidden under the bumper.

  15. Sounds. The sounds are decent, but my god some of them just sound like vacuum cleaners. Turbo noises need to be more dramatic, different turbo BOV should be selectable when adding turbos and players should be able to adjust how open or closed they want it for that extra STUSTUSTU.

  16. Tires paint!! You guys have the “FORZA” lettering but it’s only for a specific tire that no one even selects, there should be a way for us to add custom lettering or tire brands.

1.3 You guys do a wonderful job allowing us to view under the hood, let us dress it up a little bit, this ties into the car show portion.

  1. Better music and more variety, I feel like the music is not that great and there are some wonderful Mexican artists that would love to be featured and non Mexican.

  2. The next forza horizon should take place in Dubai.

  3. Change taillights/ headlights

  4. Actual drift event festival.

  5. In certain countries and regions and for financial regions not everyone has the ability to own or customize their own cars the way they want. They turn to Forza to be able to get that satisfaction and the ability to express themselves and their own builds just the way they like it. Your driving mechanics in Forza are fantastic and only needs some tweaking and updating as we keep playing but the customization part is what I think you need to focus on now and being able to get the community to be more involved and express themselves through events and let the racing talk ;). Thanks for the awesome game and I would love to hear back from you guys!!

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  1. Being able to resell a car that previously did not sell. I’ve never been more frustrated for something so small of a feature that should exist. Please implement this.